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Posted 03 Jun 2001   For week ended May 11, 2001
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News about People

LDS Woman is Fresno Mother of the Year ... at Age 85
LoRen Watson Snow was named Mother of the Year by the Fresno County Women in Chambers of Commerce and will be honored at a luncheon on May 11, at the Fresno Plaza Hotel. Snow, affectionately known as "Loie" said, "Oh, no, you got the wrong woman." "The last time I gave birth was about 61 years ago. I can't be Mother of the Year."

LDS Police Officer Dies in Fall from Colorado Bridge
Ryan Cunningham, 27, an officer in the Vail Police Department, died early Sunday morning after he jumped off an overpass to avoid being hit by a tractor-trailer. Cunningham, who was on duty at the time, had warned others to get out of the way of the out-of-control truck, leaving him without enough time to escape without jumping.

'Mormon Meteor' to Lead I-15 Opening Parade
One of the most famous cars in history will lead a parade Saturday to open the finally-finished I-15 freeway in Salt Lake City, but it won't be driven. The Mormon Meteor III, which took its builder and owner, David Abbott (Ab) Jenkins II, to more land speed records than any man in history, will be towed on a flatbed truck at the head of the parade.

LDS Reporter's History Articles Win Illinois Award
Vickie Speek, a reporter for the Morris Daily Herald, was recognized, along with her co-author Jo Ann Hustis, by the Illinois State Historical Society for their contributions to local history. Speek and Hustis wrote four newspaper articles, published last September, on a young civil war soldier, Hamilton Peterson, and his family.

Other People News

Young Grad Student Plans to Serve Mission
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- Stephanie Fisher, a 20-year-old graduate student at California State University, San Bernardino has nearly completed a master's degree in Social Sciences. Fisher embarked on an accelerated course when she decided at age 16 that she had enough of high school and took the California High School Proficiency Exam. "The single explanatory factor for testing out was because I had the desire. I didn't know what to expect in my future but I was ready for a change," she said.

She has since completed two bachelors degrees, in Sociology and Human Services, and is working on the thesis for her masters, on the significance of genealogy as an academic discipline. When she finishes, Fisher plans on serving an LDS mission. "On a mission I drop all of my temporal pursuits, and for the 18 months, without financial help from the Church, devote my full time to serving the community and sharing the message of the gospel in my assigned area."

Dilgence Pays off for a 20 year-old Local Graduate Student
CSU San Bernardino Coyote Chronicle 11May01 P2
By Amy Stubbs


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