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Posted 14 May 2001   For week ended May 11, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 12May01

By Kent Larsen

'Mormon Meteor' to Lead I-15 Opening Parade

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- One of the most famous cars in history will lead a parade Saturday to open the finally-finished I-15 freeway in Salt Lake City, but it won't be driven. The Mormon Meteor III, which took its builder and owner, David Abbott (Ab) Jenkins II, to more land speed records than any man in history, will be towed on a flatbed truck at the head of the parade.

Utah's Department of Transportation decided to forego a ribbon-cutting ceremony and inaugural drive by the Mormon Meteor III on the newly-remodeled I-15, as some of the event organizers wanted. Instead, a parade was scheduled to wind its way up one onramp, down a new section of the freeway, and then down another onramp.

But the current owner of the Mormon Meteor III, Ab's son, Marv Jenkins, refuses to be disappointed. He has spent more than 7,000 hours restoring the car after the state of Utah, who had been entrusted with it before Ab's death, had neglected it. Marv also spent countless more hours wresting control of the car from the state so he could restore it.

He thinks it was worth it. A 1992 Motor Trend article called the car the fourth most valuable car ever built, and one estimate places its value at $5 million. But owning the car has its downside. Marv Jenkins says he can only afford $50,000 of insurance on the car -- the amount he spent restoring it. He figures with the proceeds of the insurance, if something happens, he could rebuild it again.

Jenkins may be able to exhibit the car at some events, and has been invited to show it at the Indianapolis 500, where the car was a regular feature in the 1940s. But the car is somewhat fragile, and Jenkins can't afford the expense of getting it there. He has also been invited to take the car, all expenses paid, to England for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. "But they put the car on pallets and tie it down in a cargo plane, and I wouldn't see it until I got to England. With the fragile aluminum body I wouldn't leave it alone," he said. Instead he will show the car in Salt Lake City. "This was Dad's home. It was what Dad wanted. Anything I can do to display the car in Utah I will," he said. "I think it's something people should know about but don't."


Mormon Meteor ready to ride again
Ogden UT Standard-Examiner (AP) 10May01 P2
Associated Press
Famed vehicle will be first car to travel "new and improved" Interstate 15 Saturday

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