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Posted 02 May 2001   For week ended April 27, 2001
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Political News

Utah Appeals, and Files New Census Lawsuit
Not content with the answer given by a three-judge panel that heard its challenge to the US Census Bureau's calculations, the state of Utah has appealed that decision to the US Supreme Court. And not content to leave an issue by the way, it has also filed a new lawsuit, claiming that the Census Bureau used statistical methods barred by the court.

Maverick LDS Mayor of Mesquite Nevada in Political Fight
Mesquite, Nevada is a small, rapidly growing town located just a little more than an hour north of Las Vegas. Like Vegas, Mesquite has a frontier-town heritage with an eclectic mix of hotels, motels, casinos, multi-million dollar homes, golf courses and just plain folks. Unlike Las Vegas, however, Mesquite is currently embroiled in a power struggle for control of Mesquite's future that's shaping up like a political version of the legendary "Shoot-out at the O.K. Corral." Mesquite's Mayor, Charles "Chuck" Horne, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, finds himself in the thick of the gunfight.

LDS Church Says Won't Accept Faith-Initiative Funds
An Associated Press report yesterday evening says that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not participate in US President George W. Bush's faith initiative for fear that it will lead to government regulation of church activities. The news confirms reports from February that the Church was not interested in getting the funds.

Conservative LDS Rep. Joins Group to Oppose US Forest Service
The U.S. Forest Service plan for protecting the Sierra Nevada ecosystem is being opposed by timber and cattle industries, recreational users and the Quincy Library Group. The Forest Service's plan includes preserving old-growth trees, reducing off-road vehicle access and grazing, and protecting sensitive ecosystems to enhance water quality.

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