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Posted 30 Apr 2001   For week ended April 27, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 26Apr01

By Kent Larsen

LDS Polynesia, LDS Jews and LDS City

Please note: Comments reflect status of these websites on the date of publication: April 26, 2001. The sites below may have changed since then.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The variety of Mormon websites will truly amaze the surfer. This week, sites have been newly listed for LDS Church members of jewish heritage, members in Polynesia and those suffering from depression. Some of the sites have existed for a while, but are only now appearing in the Mormon website directories.

Probably the best designed site of those listed this week is the LDS Polynesia website, which hopefully will reach those interested in the Church in the South Pacific. Most useful for the Mormon population on the Internet may be LDS City, which provides yet another place for people to post a few free pages.

Newly Listed Mormon Websites:

B'nai Shalom

A website for LDS Church members with Jewish heritage. The site is trying to create a single source of all that has been said by General Authorities and LDS scholars concerning the Tribe of Judah. Created by B'nai Shalom, an organization of church members who share a common Jewish heritage or have an interest and love for the Jewish People and their culture

Finch Family Games

Cleanly designed site evidently for selling games and activities for family and to compliment Church and school lessons. Unfortunately, the site was essentially empty when I visited.

John J. Webster's LDS Resource Site

Single-page listing of Mormon sites and those of interest to Mormons categorized into 20 categories.

Knee Shorts

Well-designed site selling knee-length shorts for men and women.

LDS Bipolar and Depression Support

Uses's discussion boards to host a bulletin board-style discussion of depression and bipolar issues. Includes discussions on depression, medication, spiritual experiences, spiritual struggles, spiritual questions and several other subjects.

LDS City

Geocities style free hosting service for LDS-oriented and personal sites. Currently includes more than 50 sites.

LDS Homepreschoolers

Home page for egroups list on keeping preschool children at home instead of in nursery schools. Page readability marred by lack of contrast between lavender type and page's flowery pastel background.

LDS Marriages

Home page for egroups mailing list on marriage from an LDS perspective. Focuses on preserving marriages.

LDS Polynesia

A comprehensive site covering the LDS Church and its members in the South Pacific. Includes pages for each mission and temple in the region. Also includes bulletin boards and mailing lists for those interested in the LDS Church in that area of the world.

LDS Scouting Resources

Information about and directory to websites about scouting in an LDS context. Includes listings for LDS scout units, the history of scouting in the LDS Church, religious scouting awards, patches and the various branches of scouting. Hampered by its use of copyrighted material, apparently without securing permission.


Single-page description, in Portuguese, of Mormon beliefs, concentrating mainly on beliefs about the volumes of the standard works. However, the jarring background makes reading uncomfortable.

Nauvoo Family Motel

Nice, clean site that not only provides information about the motel owned by LDS Church members, but also gives basic travel-related information about Nauvoo.

Ron's LDS World

Thoughts, reflections and perspectives on various gospel subjects that the author feels would be of interest to LDS Church members. The site contains numerous lengthy treatises, but its use of a variety of backgrounds sometimes makes the type hard to read.


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