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Posted 01 Apr 2001   For week ended March 23, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Internet Therapy Over the Web
Two enterprising LDS counselors have hung up a shingle on the Internet, offering advice and counsel to LDS Church members underserved by Mormon counselors or unwilling to discuss their problems with their Bishops. Jay Steineckert and Julie Hanks established last year and are now attracting 100 clients a day to their service.

General News
Wounded Missionary and Father Expected to Return Home Friday
The LDS missionary who was shot along with his father outside a Rio de Janeiro Slum March 10th is recovering nicely and expects to return to the US on Friday. Bradley Green hopes to be released from the hospital tomorrow, and doctors plan to release him provided they can clear up a fever. His father, Garth Green, was released from the hospital Monday and the family hopes to take a flight from Rio to the US on Thursday evening.


Local News
Kirtland Temple Open House Seeks to Acquaint Neighbors to Building
The historic Kirtland Temple, located in Kirtland, Ohio, is listed on the Registry of National Historic Landmarks and draws tens of thousands of visitors every year. Many of these out-of-state visitors are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who want to examine the historical roots of their religion. Even though the temple is currently owned by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (soon to be renamed the "Community of Christ"), there is a strong draw for faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ since the temple is one of the most important sites in early Church history.


Olympics Put Pressure on Mormons to Change Utah Liquor Laws
"The liquor laws are outmoded and out of date and we must change them if we want to attract international visitors to Utah," says Rocky Anderson, the Mayor of Salt Lake City. Anderson is working to make alcohol easier to obtain for the influx of visitors expected for the 2001 Winter Olympics, but the campaign is dividing the community. Many residents of Utah belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which opposes the consumption of alcoholic beverages and they do not believe the laws should be relaxed.
LDS Mission Helped Stanford's Pitching Ace
If you want to pitch in the big leagues, there may not be any place better to play than Stanford University, especially this year, as the Cardinals have jumped to the top of Baseball America's college rankings. The school has developed a stellar baseball reputation, producing star pitchers like Mike Mussina, Jack McDowell and Rick Helling. But the school's latest ace, Jeremy Guthrie, has an added advantage, the maturity that comes to many after serving an LDS mission to Spain.
Phil Jackson's 'Education' for Madsen
Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson loves books, and has made a habit of giving his players books once or twice a year, both to let them know that he thinks about them as people, and, hopefully, to give them a different perspective on life. His first gift to Laker's rookie Mark Madsen recognized Madsen's membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while trying to give Madsen a different perspective.


Census Judge Reverses Himself, Case to be Heard by Three Judge Panel
The US District Judge hearing Utah's lawsuit against the US Census Bureau has reversed himself and decided that the lawsuit should be heard by a three judge panel after all. The new decision puts the lawsuit back on track for a quick decision, since an appeal of the ruling by the three judge panel would go straight to the US Supreme Court.
4 Latter-day Saints Get Elected, 1 in Cabinet
With the Alberta PC Party winning this week's election by a landslide, it wasn't surprising that half of the eight Latter-day Saints reported running were elected in. Both Ian Mclelland of the Edmonton-Rutherford riding and Greg Melchin of the Calgary North West riding ran not only as PC candidates in their respective ridings, but as the incumbents as well. McLelland recently left his federal position as a Member of Parliament in the Edmonton South West riding this fall to run provincially.

Mormon Inmate Gets Companions Serving Thru Sewing
For the past six months the inmates of the Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex have been spending their Saturdays in the library at the Morgan County Regional Site. "I wish I could do this more than one Saturday a month," said Antonio Williams, 27.

Arts & Entertainment
The Last of Card? Tragedy Yields Writer's Block, Last Tour
In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, Mormon science fiction writer Orson Scott Card candidly discussed his life and writing as well as the reasons why he has decided to make this book tour his last. He also revealed that he has been unable to write for the past five months.
Mormon Artist 'Snell' Johnson Dies
Mormon artist Snellan Maurice "Snell" Johnson, who turned his life around to become a renowned artist after serving five years in prison for fraud, died Saturday in Scottsdale at age 62. Johnson was described as a post-modern pop culture artist whose works include the bronze lion outside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas (the largest bronze statue in the Western Hemisphere) and the 18-foot bronze clock in Salt Lake City that is counting down the time until the start of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

LDS Conference Center Sound and Video System Featured in Broadcast Engineering
Just in time for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' annual General Conference, this month's Broadcast Engineering details the challenges and equipment used in the centers audio and video systems, giving a view of the capabilities of the system. The article, written in part by the project managers at AZCAR who furnished the system to the LDS Church, shows not only the effort that went into designing the large, complex system, but also how that system meets the Church's requirements -- principally the broadcast of General Conference in 60 languages to locations worldwide.
LDS Businessman's JetBlue is New Model for Discount Airlines
In 1978, "THE" airline to fly was Braniff. If you wanted a Halston-clad "air hostess" you might find Doreen. She walked the Braniff way, with her head holding an imaginary string taunt between her chin and bellybutton. Today, Doreen Lawrence, is walking for JetBlue Airways and training 250 flight attendants and staff on how to give service with a retro flair. She is joined in her training by Dean Melonas who also started his airline career in 1978.


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