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Posted 01 Apr 2001   For week ended March 23, 2001
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Churchwide News

Wounded Missionary and Father Expected to Return Home Friday
The LDS missionary who was shot along with his father outside a Rio de Janeiro Slum March 10th is recovering nicely and expects to return to the US on Friday. Bradley Green hopes to be released from the hospital tomorrow, and doctors plan to release him provided they can clear up a fever. His father, Garth Green, was released from the hospital Monday and the family hopes to take a flight from Rio to the US on Thursday evening.

Sister Missionaries in Ottawa Make Local Paper
The house on South Cedar Street Ottawa Alberta Canada sees residents come and go every six weeks to three months. It's not that the house is unlivable, it's that the residents are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Second Annual Missionary Memorial Horseback Ride in Honor of Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice
The Second Annual Parley P. Pratt Missionary Memorial Horseback Ride will be held on Saturday, April 7th, 2001 at Harker Canyon, south of Vernon, Utah and on the following day, Sunday, April 8th, at 7:00 PM in the Tabernacle at American Fork, Utah, a special commemorative Missionary Memorial Fireside will be held with Elder Marion D. Hanks, for those unable to participate in the trail ride.

Other Churchwide News

Sunday was Anniversary of Renaming Zion National Park
ST GEORGE, UTAH -- An on-line guide to the US Park system observes that Sunday, March 18th was the anniversary of the renaming of Zion National Park. The park was first established in 1909 as Mukuntuweap National Monument. In 1918, Mormons convinced then US President Woodrow Wilson to rename the monument Zion National Monument. A year later it was declared Zion National Park.
Today in Park History - March 18th
USParks 18Mar01 N6

Sea Trek Gets Notice in Chicago Tribune
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The planned commemoration of the Mormon emigration by sea to the US this summer caught the attention of the Chicago Tribune. For the event, the Sea Trek foundation has chartered 10 tall ships to call at European ports starting August 7th, after which the ships will cross the Atlantic to arrive in New York October 4th.
Tall Ships Will Re-enact Mormon Emigration
Chicago Tribune (Knight Ridder/Tribune) 18Mar01 N6

Excavation of Martin Handcart Company Site to begin in June
CASPER, WYOMING -- A group from the Wyoming State Archaeologist's Office and the University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology will begin an archaeological excavation of Semino's Fort, a trading post where the Martin Handcart company took shelter from a blizzard while crossing the state. The post was built in 1851, but was abandoned by the time the Willie and Martin companies arrived in 1856. Officials are seeking volunteers to help with the dig.
Dig planned on Mormon handcart company refuge
Casper WY Tribune (AP) 20Mar01 N6

Web Broadcast to Show how Mormon Genealogy Aided Discovery of Gene
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- The story of a Utah doctor and his colleagues who studied Mormon family histories up to eight generations in the past to discover the key gene responsible for a rare form of the disease will be told in a web broadcast from DNA Sciences tomorrow. The broadcast is scheduled from 2pm to 3pm EST(-0500).
Colon Cancer: A Gene Hunter's Story
Yahoo! Events 21Mar01 N6

Changes in Missions Caused by Missionary Shortage
PROVO, UTAH -- The LDS Church News reported March 10th that the Germany Dusseldorf, France Bordeaux, Japan Kobe, Japan Nagoya, and Japan Horishima missions will all be consolidated. According to BYU NewsNet, the action comes because of a "demographic anomaly." That was the term used by Elder Boyd K. Packer in a letter to the mission presidents involved. The demographics has led to a decrease in the number of missionaries from the US, leading to fewer missionaries available to serve.
Shortage of missionaries causes missions to be consolidated
BYU NewsNet 22Mar01 N1

Rock Concert Leads to Delay in San Bernardino Trek Reenactment
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- Officials in San Bernardino, California scheduled a rock concert by Ozzy Osborne and others for the same weekend when a group tracing the route of Mormon pioneers to California were to arrive. Since the concert is to be held in the same park, organizers of the re-enactment have decided to postpone the trip, originally scheduled for April 24 to June 28th for Labor day through October 25th. While the change takes the re-enactment away from the exact anniversary of the trek, organizers say that the concert is too much of a conflict. "We feel betrayed. It was a difficult decision to make," said Marilyn Mills, co-chairman for the Heritage Trails event. "The board felt the concert was an element it didn't want participants exposed to."
Ozzy's Concert Delays Plans for Re-Enactment
Salt Lake Tribune 23Mar01 N6

Local Leaders in Hong Kong Reach Truce with Park
HONG KONG, CHINA -- Local leaders of the LDS Church have reached an agreement with Jessica Park, an excommunicated member who had a sex change operation. Under the agreement Park will not enter the LDS Church buildings and the Church will delay filing an injunction barring her from entering the buildings. In response to the attempt at an injunction, Park filed a counter-suit against the Church seeking reinstatement, claiming the Church unlawfully discriminated against her. The delay allows Park's lawyers to prepare her case.
Mormons and transsexual in uneasy truce
Hong Kong iMail 17Mar01 N1

Transgendered Mormon Sues over Excommunication

LDS Symbols Examined
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- An article in the Deseret News examined the use of symbols in religion, discovering that even the LDS Church has some symbols that have gained religious meaning. The symbols mentioned include the beehive, the handcart, and images of LDS Temples, especially the Salt Lake Temple.
Symbols &Faith
Deseret News 17Mar01 N6
By Lynn Arave: Deseret News staff writer
Icons serve as instant reminders

LDS Church Donation to Kosovo Leads to Wheelchair charity
BLACKHAWK, CALIFORNIA -- The LDS Church's donation of 15 tons of canned meat for refugees in Kosovo led to the foundation of a charity to distribute wheelchairs to third world countries. The donation of canned meat was transported to Kosovo by millionaire businessman Ken Behring, who also took a small number of wheelchairs on the flight to Romania. There he discovered the need for wheelchairs and established the Wheelchairs for the World Foundation. The foundation has already distributed 25,000 chairs in 68 countries.
Once again, Behring's on roll: Oft-reviled mogul turns to giving
Seattle WA Times 19Mar01 N6
By Ethan Rarick: Knight Ridder Newspapers


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