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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 19, 2001
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Business News

  Franklin Covey Founder Hyrum Smith Struggles Back From Excommunication
In Saturday's Salt Lake Tribune, Franklin Covey co-founder Hyrum Smith talked about his new book, "What Matters Most" and about his struggle back from his 1998 excommunication from the LDS Church. While he refused to talk about the excommunication itself or much about the events that led to it, he did say that the process has been a very painful experience.

  Doing Business in an LDS World
The public radio business program Marketplace was in Salt Lake City today, and took a 10-minute-long look at the cultural factors of doing business in a Mormon-dominated society: Salt Lake City. Marketplace's Bob Moon reported that some members of the dominant religion often behaves in a way that wouldn't be expected elsewhere.

  National Radio Program Looks At LDS Church's Affect on Salt Lake Business
The Public Radio International radio program Marketplace, heard on public radio stations throughout the U.S., is hosting its show from Salt Lake City today, and will include a segment on the LDS Church and business in Salt Lake City. The program visits Salt Lake as part of its program of periodically visiting locations around the nation.

  Mormon Stock Index Up on Surges by Corvis, Novell
Sharp rises by both optical network equipment manufacturer Corvis and network software firm Novell pushed the Mormon Stock Index up 2.4%. Both Corvis and Novell jumped more than 40% for the week, while other stocks held steady, with as many stocks rising (7) as falling.

Other Business News

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