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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 12, 2001
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Business News

  Tribune-Media News Agreement Freezes Status Quo
At the request of US District Judge Tena Campbell, the Salt Lake Tribune Co., manager of the newspaper, and MediaNews Group, the newspaper's new owner, have reached an agreement to freeze the status of the Newspaper Agency Corp., the company that runs the business and distribution functions of both the Tribune and the Deseret News. The agreement keeps MediaNews Group from making 'significant' changes to the Newspaper Agency Corp. (NAC) until a hearing in February, when Judge Campbell will hear the case.

  LDS Businessman Cleans-Up Movies, Makes Slate Sex Column
LDS Businessman Ray Lines is making an attempt to clean up movies for Utah County's predominantly Mormon audience. And his efforts have even been noticed on-line, where the e-zine Slate's sex column picked up the story. Lines' business, CleanFlicks, edits movies for its customers and maintains a library of edited movies for members of its coop.

  New Company Added, Four Dropped From Mormon Stock Index
In the regular revision of the Mormon Stock Index, four small Mormon firms were dropped because their market capitalization fell below the required $100 million while one new company was added. Caldera Systems, Hollywood Entertainment, I-Link and Ten Fold all ended the fourth quarter with market capitalizations well below $100 million. But the index did add one new company, Knight Transportation, and managed to rise for the week, while the broader indexes all fell.

Other Business News

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