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  LDS Missionary Tells Modesto Bee About El Salvador Quake
The Modesto Bee today carried an account of the El Salvador earthquake from Elder Peter Stone, 21, who is currently serving an LDS mission there. The earthquake, which hit the Central American country Saturday morning, killed at least 600 people, including two LDS Church members, according to an LDS Church press release. The quake measured 7.6 on the Ricter scale.

  Samoan LDS Church Pioneer Gustav Hannemann Dies at 89
Gustav Hannemann, hardworking Samoan pioneer and leader died Sunday at the Hale Nani Rehabilitation Center in Hawaii. Hannemann was an early convert to the LDS Church in Samoa, and with his wife he converted hundreds to the Church, opening and serving in village churches throughout the islands. He was 89.

  LDS Man One of Many Garden Grove Police Chaplains
The city of Garden Grove, California has made a point of recruiting police chaplains from a variety of religions, and in the process has created a cutting-edge program, with 10 volunteer chaplains from a variety of faiths, including LDS, Muslim, Buddist, Jewish and several other denominations.

  Childbirth Association Interviewed
When the Alberta government decided to set up a Registry of Midwives in the summer of 1998, making it illegal for unregistered midwives to practice, it made for an unpleasant situation in midwife-starved Southern Alberta.

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