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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 19, 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Sent on Mormon-News: 19Jan01

By Kent Larsen

Franklin Covey Founder Hyrum Smith Struggles Back From Excommunication

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- In Saturday's Salt Lake Tribune, Franklin Covey co-founder Hyrum Smith talked about his new book, "What Matters Most" and about his struggle back from his 1998 excommunication from the LDS Church. While he refused to talk about the excommunication itself or much about the events that led to it, he did say that the process has been a very painful experience.

Smith said that some factors made the experience more painful. "I'd been a leader in many significant positions in the church over my life and had sat on the other side of the table at many excommunications, so this was a particularly painful experience for me." Previous reports indicated that Smith had realized following the October 1998 LDS General Conference that his life was not in order. "I've been teaching .... for the last 20 years that the only way to have real peace in your life is to bring what you do in line with what you value. .... I had been teaching this for so long, .... I said, 'You know, I'd better start practicing what I preach.'"

In spite of the nature of Smith's error, his marriage remains intact and his family has forgiven him. And through it he kept up his schedule. "Most of my anguish and my suffering I've kept very private. I've had my pretty serious crying spells and all that stuff you go through, but when I get out in the world, that's something I don't exhibit, I don't wear on my sleeve. There have been people who say, 'Oh, yeah? How repentant is he if he's up there still speaking?' But there is such a thing as repentance and there is such a thing as forgiveness, and when you screw up, you fix it and move on."

One difficult aspect of the excommunication was that it conflicted with what Franklin Covey taught. But the company philosophy also teaches the importance of making a change. "Our company teaches people that making course corrections is how you bring peace into your life. This has been very painful, but it has been worth it from that standpoint."

Now Smith has written a new book, "What Matters Most," which describes the company's philosophy. It opens with a description of his personal struggle. It also lists a number of people who, according to Smith, 'have it all together.' They include Winston Churchill, basketball star Michael Jordan, Mother Teresa, and even Smith's high school teacher, Robert Niederholzer, who "introduced me to books .... I discovered the magic of reading, and as a result of that I had a watershed experience in my life."

Smith says that his experience has made him more spiritual. "I am in a better place today in my relationship with the Savior than I have ever been in my life. .... I taught the principle of a broken heart and a contrite spirit for 40 years, but I had no idea what that meant until this." But while he hopes to be rebaptized into the LDS Church, that hasn't happened yet. "Why has it taken two years? I really don't know. I think the church just wants to be sure it really is in my past."

The interview also reveals something of Smith's background, and he credits his ideas about order to his mother. "I picked up the whole idea of order from my mother. We didn't go to bed at night until everything was in its proper place."


Excommunication to Forgiveness: How the Franklin Covey co-founder's affair devastated his family -- but taught him what matters most
Salt Lake Tribune 13Jan01 B2
By Bob Mims: Salt Lake Tribune

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