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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 12, 2001
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Sent on Mormon-News: 10Jan01

By Kent Larsen

New Company Added, Four Dropped From Mormon Stock Index

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- In the regular revision of the Mormon Stock Index, four small Mormon firms were dropped because their market capitalization fell below the required $100 million while one new company was added. Caldera Systems, Hollywood Entertainment, I-Link and Ten Fold all ended the fourth quarter with market capitalizations well below $100 million. But the index did add one new company, Knight Transportation, and managed to rise for the week, while the broader indexes all fell.

High-tech firms Caldera Systems, I-Link and Ten Fold have dropped steadily over the past few months, victims of the broader decline and loss of faith in high-tech stocks that has dropped the NASDAQ by half from its high. Hollywood Entertainment also suffers from a loss of faith in the company after its long delay in dumping its money-losing internet venture

Knight Transportation, on the other hand, is a 10-year-old Phoenix-based trucking and logistics firm owned by former Utahns Keith, Gary, Kevin and Randy Knight. They have set the corporate goal of making the firm the most efficient in their industry. Adding Knight Transportation to the MSI rounds the index out at 20 firms.

Meanwhile, 13 stocks on the index rose in its first week of the year, including small stocks Earthshell, which rose 41% and Fonix, which rose 55%. Unfortunately, two of the three stocks that dropped had substantial falls. Myriad Genetics fell nearly 27% while fiber optics manufacturer Corvis dropped nearly 35% to a new low of $15.50 a share. That price is significant because it is in the range of the offering price that the company originally proposed, before Wall Street's hype pushed them to offer at $36 a share and before the company thereafter reached a high of 114.75 in August.

Still, the increases at the many other stocks that rose pushed the index up 2%, while the broader market indexes, including the NYSE composite, the NASDAQ composite, the Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 500 all fell. Marriott Corp. was the biggest contributor to the rise, increasing its stock price by nearly 15% for the week.
Mormon Stock Index   109.7047up 2.2022
Company SymbolLDS Executive Closing Price Change
AES Corp. AES Roger W. Sant, Chairman52.6875 no change
Black &Decker BDK Nolan D. Archbald, CEO 37.4375 no change
Corvis Corporation CORV David Huber, CEO 15.5000 down 8.3125
1-800-Contacts CTAC Jonathan C. Coon, President &CEO28.8750up 0.2500
Dell Computer DELL Kevin B. Rollins, Vice Chairman17.4375no change
EarthShell ERTH Simon K. Hodson, CEO 1.8125 up 0.5313
Franklin Covey FC Stephen R. Covey, Chairman7.5000 no change
Fonix FONX Steve Studdert, Chairman0.4844 up 0.1719
Host Marriott HMT Richard Marriott, Chairman13.0625 up 0.1250
Iomega IOM David J. Dunn, Chairman4.0500 up 0.7000
Knight Transportation KNGT Keith, Gary and Kevin Knight22.8125 up 3.5625
Marriott International MAR J.W. Marriott, Jr., Chairman44.8750 up 2.6250
Micrel Semiconductors MCRL Ray Zinn, Chairman and CEO38.5625 up 4.8750
Myriad Genetics MYGN Christopher L. Wight, VP, General Counsel59.0000down 23.7500
Novell NOVL Stewart Nelson, COO 5.3125 up 0.0937
NuSkin NUS Most of Management is LDS, including Chairman and CEO6.0625up 0.7500
Oakley, Inc. OO Jim Jannard, Chairman &CEO15.7500 up 2.2500
Ryder Systems R Tony Burns, Chairman 17.2500 up 0.6250
Cornerstone REIT TCR Glade M. Knight, Chairman &CEO10.8125up 0.2500
Zions Bancorp ZION Harris Simmons, Chairman60.0000 down 2.4375

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