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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 12, 2001
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  How Can You Know So Much And Not Believe?: Jan Shipps and Mormonism
Jan Shipps has spent 40 years studying Mormon culture and history, writing many articles and three books about Mormonism. Along with a review of her most recent book, "Sojourner in the Promised Land: Forty Years Among the Mormons," the Deseret News' Dennis Lythgoe also looks at Shipps and her influence on Mormonism.

  LDS Writer Orson Scott Card Says This Tour His Last
Feeling the effects of age and family responsibilities, LDS writer Orson Scott Card announced that his current book tour will be his last. While Card will still visit bookstores occasionally for book signings, he says this will be the last time that he takes a trip to do a string of book signings. Card also announced that he is planning a science fiction convention around his Ender's Game novels, starting in the summer of 2002.

  Homeless Choir, From Print to TV
They've appeared in the Church News. They've appeared in the Montreal Gazette. They've even appeared in Reader's Digest. Now the Accueil Bonneau Choir has appeared on TV.

  Covey's 'Seven Habits' Rising While Newer Titles Fall on Bestseller Lists
While more recent titles have peaked and are falling after the Christmas season, Stephen R. Covey's classic "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is rising on several best seller lists. This past fall's hit history book, "Nothing Like it in the World," and the even newer "Ender's Game" titles by science fiction author Orson Scott Card all fell on several lists, but Covey's ten-year-old book rose.

  Mormon Tabernacle Choir Inauguration Activities Announced
Performances in the presidential inauguration parade, two concerts, and a radio/television broadcast highlight appearances of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the nation's capital beginning next week. The choir is responding to an invitation from the inauguration committee to participate in the national event.

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Book Looks at Salt Lake 'Straight Edgers'
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- A new book by author Dan Glick looks at the growing ecoterrorist movement in the wake of an attack at Vail, Colorado that police suspect was engineered by members of Salt Lake's 'Straight Edge' gang. In an excerpt from the book published on MSNBC, Glick talks about the gang's connection to the Vail attack. The gang, which includes many that have grown up in Utah Mormon homes, follows a vegan philosophy and has been tied to a number of ecoterrorist attacks in Utah. One gang member, son of a Mormon family, has been convicted for one of the crimes committed.

Web-Exclusive Excerpt: Powder Burn
MSNBC 6Jan01 A2

See also:
Powder Burn
More about Dan Glick's "Powder Burn: Arson, Money and Mystery on Vail Mountain" at



BYU Student Gets Push Releasing First CD
PROVO, UTAH -- BYU Student Jared Johnson opened for Peter Brienholt and Big Parade on January 12th, and released his first CD that same day. Pianist Johnson describes his music as "piano pop" because "it won't put you to sleep on a Sunday afternoon or anything."

Johnson began writing songs as a p-day activity while on his mission. Now, while at BYU, he has formed his own production company to release his music, which can be found at .

BYU musician opens for Brienholt Friday
BYU NewsNet 11Jan01 A2
By Jessica Kehr: Associate Lifestyles Editor

Two High School Friends Start 'Blind Reality'
PROVO, UTAH -- While in high school, friends Aaron Weaver and Jared Colton dreamed of starting a band, even though neither could even play an instrument. Now, five years and many music lessons later, they have succeeded. Their band, Blind Reality, has been together for six months and has performed at BYU, at local gigs and at fundraisers.

Blind dream becomes Blind Reality
BYU NewsNet 9Jan01 A2
By Tiffany Lewis: Campus Editor



LDS Painter Uses Wood as Canvas
PARK CITY, UTAH -- LDS Artist Larry Nielson has always been fascinated with wood, and he has turned his fascination into "something new and unique" says Jessica Romaine in the Park City Record. Nielson's work has been influenced by the South Pacific, thanks to service as an LDS missionary there. He also spent several years as the first art director for the LDS Church's Polynesian Cultural Center near BYU's Hawaii campus.

Larry Nielson Paints the Faces He Sees in Wood
Park City UT Record 9Jan01 A2
By Jessica Romine: Record Guest Writer

Heber Utah Statue to Commemorate Mormon Pioneers
HEBER, UTAH -- Local sculptor Peter Fillerup has been commissioned to produce a sculpture of a Mormon pioneer family to memorialize the heritage of Heber. The piece will be the centerpiece of a Main Street project expected to be completed later this year. The statue will join another by Fillerup, "Journey's End" which depicts William Madison Wall, which is in Heber City Park.

State of the State
Salt Lake Tribune 9Jan01 A4



U. theater icon Robert Wilson dies
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- A University of Utah professor, Wilson directed about 200 theatrical productions along the Wasatch Front. In 1938, Mr. Wilson founded the Playbox Theatre. He also founded the Lagoon Opera House, was senior director of Pioneer Memorial Theatre, and endowed a scholarship fund for U. students. He also wrote plays, performed on stage, taught playwriting and took part in a poetry society.

U. theater icon Robert Wilson dies
Deseret News 7Jan01 A2


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