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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended May 21, 2000
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
and the LDS Church

 General News

LDS Bishop Arrested For Failure To Report Abuse
Police in Sandy, Utah have arrested an LDS bishop for failing to report the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl. They say that Bishop David West Maxwell, 36, of the Crescent 23rd Ward, learned of the abuse from the victim 'several months' before he was charged in February. Trial on the class B misdemeanor is postponed because a witness is unavailable.


Different City Council, Same Decision: LDS Church to Build Main Street Plaza
Even thought the Salt Lake City Council has different members from the council that approved the sale of a block-long section of main street to the LDS Church, the council still approved the April 1999 decision, passing an amendment affirming and clarifying the decision.


 Local News

Montreal Temple Open House Begins
The open house for the Montreal Quebec Temple starts tomorrow, according to this article in the Montreal Gazette. The Gazette sent Shepherd to cover the open house and take the tour available for the press yesterday.


The Mormon mission
During the course of the day, Elders Wilkinson and Bryan tell not only what they gave up, but also how they do their work. The Elders tell how they have essentially cut off ties to the world outside of missionary work, "No movies, TV, radio or newspapers. The only music we can listen to are hymns or classical. No dates or girls. We can only call our families twice a year. And every half-hour of every day is planned out," said Bryan.


An LDS Man's Foray Into Politics
Political drama is often found in last minute surprises. In the Clark County, Nevada County Commission races, commissioner Lance Malone saw his former campaign manager Joe Gelman drop out of his Republican primary race to replace him with Chip Maxfield, co-owner of Southwest Engineering, whom Gelman is now backing. Gelman said he pulled out of Malone's contest because "too many candidates would divide the anti-Malone vote."



Madsen Makes CNNSI's Top 50
Stanford University's star basketball player, Mark Madsen made CNNSI's list of the top 50 prospects for the NBA draft. CNNSI reports that the June 28th draft may feature a record number of underclassmen, reducing the prospects of seniors, like Madsen. However, the rating implies that Madsen may be chosen in the draft.


Dave Checkett's Sprewell Gambit Pays Off
A year and a half ago, sports fans, players and coaches thought that Madison Square Garden President Dave Checketts was crazy for engineering the trade that brought Latrell Sprewell to the New York Knicks. Checketts, who is an active member of the LDS Church, had at that time been quoted widely as saying that he would never bring NBA bad-boy Dennis Rodman to the Knicks. But he then brought the single player considered as bad, less than a year after Sprewell had been suspended for choking his coach, P. J. Carlesimo.


LDS Couple Gets Financial Advice Through CNNfn
An LDS couple wrote to CNNfn's weekly Checks & Balances column seeking financial planning help in meeting their family goals. The couple, Sean and Elena Ransom, are struggling to get by while Sean studies for a master's degree in journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The couple find that hopes for starting a family conflict with a desire for further education.


LDS Sociologist Leon Hinckley Mayhew Dies
LDS Sociologist Leon Hinckley Mayhew died Sunday at age 65 after 12 years of battling pulmonary fibrosis, which forced him to retire as Dean at the University of California, Davis in 1989. Hinckley was a highly-regarded Sociologist and author and an active member of the LDS Church.

 Arts & Entertainment

Sex Book For LDS Couples Becomes Best Seller
A new book on sexuality for LDS couples is selling almost as well as President Hinckley's "Standing for Something," according to some Utah retailers. "Between Husband and Wife: Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy" has nearly sold through its first printing of 7,000 copies in about a month, according to book publisher Covenant Communications, the publisher. And the authors attribute its success to the fact that it covers a subject that has been considered somewhat taboo among LDS Church members.


BYU Professors Write 'Handbook of Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity
Insensitivity like that happens more often than you'd think," says Scott Richards, a Brigham Young University psychology professor and co-editor of the American Psychological Association's new Handbook of Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity." And it happens more often than it should." To prevent disrespect of religion from discouraging patients from seeking professional help, Richards and fellow BYU psychologist Allen Bergin have compiled a handbook that informs health care practitioners about the various beliefs, rituals and traditions of the people who may comprise their client base. Additionally, the 518-page text is a symbolic victory in the professors' crusade to promote spirituality to their peers as an important part of treating mental illness.


LDS Businessman McFerson's Role In Columbus Community
Dimon R. McFerson has played a major role in the civic affairs of central Ohio since 1992. He single-handedly decided to build a private arena in downtown Columbus to secure a National Hockey League expansion team. As chairman of the board of Ohio's Center of Science and Industry, McFerson oversaw the center's move to its current location on the Scioto riverfront. Despite the fact that his retirement will take place at the end of the year, McFerson plans to remain active in community service.


Mormon Businessman To Be Honored By ADL
Mormon businessman Ron Jones will be honored next month by the national interior furnishings and design division of the Anti-Defamation League. The organization will honor Jones, 57, for his leadership in making his employees aware of and resist hatred, bigotry and prejudice. The award will be presented at the division's dinner next month.


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