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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended May 21, 2000
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Churchwide News

  LDS Bishop Arrested For Failure To Report Abuse
Police in Sandy, Utah have arrested an LDS bishop for failing to report the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl. They say that Bishop David West Maxwell, 36, of the Crescent 23rd Ward, learned of the abuse from the victim 'several months' before he was charged in February. Trial on the class B misdemeanor is postponed because a witness is unavailable.

  LDS Bishop Gets Fine, No Jail
Charges against LDS Bishop David Maxwell, who was arrested recently for failing to report an abuse case, have been reduced to an infraction, carrying no jail time and a maximum fine of $750, Sandy Police Sgt. Kevin Thacker told the Salt Lake Tribune Thursday. Maxwell had faced a possible $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail, under the original charges, a class B misdemeanor count of failure to report.

  ACLU Can Look For Evidence Of Main Street Collusion
U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart ruled Friday that the ACLU can amend its lawsuit challenging the restrictions on the block-long Main Street plaza. The amendment, filed March 1st, claims that Salt Lake City gave the LDS Church preferential treatment during the sale of the block, and that the public easement granted to the city was a charade. The lawsuit claims that Church and City attorneys together drafted the rules behind the scenes. The ruling allows the ACLU to look for and collect evidence of a collusion between the Church and the City.

  Different City Council, Same Decision: LDS Church to Build Main Street Plaza
Even thought the Salt Lake City Council has different members from the council that approved the sale of a block-long section of main street to the LDS Church, the council still approved the April 1999 decision, passing an amendment affirming and clarifying the decision.

  Retired BYU Professor Says LDS Should 'Give Up The Ghost' and 'Get The Spirit'
A retired BYU linguistics professor is suggesting that LDS Church members abandon the term "Holy Ghost" for "Holy Spirit." Marvin Folsom says that the word Ghost has haloween and supernatural connotations, and that the King James Bible, used by the LDS Church, uses both words as translations for the same word in Greek.

  Finding Local LDS Chapels On-line
The Deseret News' Lynn Arave points out that finding the nearest church of your faith when you travel can be difficult, and suggests that travelers use the Internet to find local chapels. Among several sources that she suggests is the web site LDS Traveler - Other suggestions for finding local congregations include searching the on-line telephone directories.

Other Churchwide News

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