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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended April 30, 2000
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Churchwide News

  High Court To Hear Case On Gay Scoutmaster
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments tomorrow in the case of a former Eagle Scout who was expelled as an assistant scoutmaster when leaders learned he was gay. The controversial case has attracted widespread interest and sparked 'friend of the court' briefs from more than a dozen organizations, including the LDS Church, a sponsor of thousands of Boy Scout Troops.

  What Happens If Scouts Must Admit Gays?
If the U.S. Supreme Court decides that the Boy Scouts of America must admit gays as scoutmasters, what will the LDS Church do? The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in the case of James Dale, a former assistant scoutmaster who was expelled because he is gay. Dale sued for reinstatement, and the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the Scouts must admit him because the organization is a public accomodation. A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on the matter isn't expected until this summer.

  LDS Missionary In Missouri Held On Sex Charges
The Tribune reports that an LDS missionary serving in Hazelwood, Missouri has been arrested on three charges of sexual misconduct. Elder Kevin Gill, 23, of Littleton, Colorado, was arrested after he exposed himself to fifth- and sixth-grad girls at McNair Elementary School.

  VT Civil Unions Bill Becomes Law
Over the objections of conservatives, Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed the state's civil unions bill into law Wednesday. The law, passed in response to a Vermon Supreme Court decision requiring equal treatment for homosexual couples, gives the couples all of the rights, privileges, benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage. The law was passed by the legislature in spite of a suggestion by an LDS Church official that the state pass an amendment to the state constitution overriding the court.

  Temple Changing Nauvoo
The Philadelphia Inquirer looked at the project to rebuild the Nauvoo Temple and the effect it will have on the town of Nauvoo, which with just 1,100 residents has less people than when the original Temple was built. The town itself is facing a lot of change because of the building, but also stands to reap a lot of benefits.

  Eco-Mormons Say One Can Be Both
George Handley, a Brigham Young University assistant professor, laughs as he looks down at his hands, and realizes that the size and shape of them are closely related to the study he is conducting on the growing "eco-theology" movement. Handley is reviewing LDS writings and their fundamental relationship to nature, the environment and Mormonism. His hands remind him how intimately people were once connected to the Earth, something Americans, especially Mormons, seem to be forgetting.

  Cook Struggles To Get On Ballot
Two-term Utah Congressman Merrill Cook is strugling to get on the November ballot because of his damaged image and two multimillionaire challengers. And, even if the LDS Church member can best both challengers in the Republican primary, he is still behind the Democrat in the race, rasing fears among National Republicans that they will loose the seat, and possibly the House.

  Smith Backs Anti-Suicide Bill
-- Senator Gordon Smith (R-Ore), an LDS Church member, announced on Tuesday in testimony on an anti-suicide bill meant to overturn an Oregon law, that he would support the measure. The law, called the Pain Relief Promotion Act, would prohibit doctors from using federally approved medications to assist suicide. Smith has faced a tough decision on the bill, which pitted his constituents, who have twice approved the assisted suicide law over heavy lobbying from the LDS Church, the Catholic Church and others against his conscience, bolstered by his LDS beliefs.

  Smith Defends Suicide Vote
In his first appearance since announcing that he would vote to end doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon, Senator Gordon Smith (R-Ore.), an LDS Church member, defended his stance. Smith said he was tired of being portrayed as conflicted about the bill and knew his conscience demanded this decision.

  Clinton Yucca Veto Victory For Reid
LDS Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) won a big political victory again this year when President Clinton vetoed a bill that would store the nation's nuclear waste in his state. The veto was expected and Reid had earlier managed to keep the bill from passing by a veto- proof margin. The veto leaves the issue of what to do with the nuclear waste generated in the U.S. unresolved, at least until the next session of Congress.

  Oh My Heck, Flippin' Fetch Isn't Really Swearing, Is It?
When you encounter frustrations and hassles, the irresistible rage builds until you growl: "FUDGE!" In Utah, cussing comes in its moderate form. But listen closely, and you'll hear "Oh my heck," "dang it," "Judas Priest," and "H-E-double toothbpicks!"

  President Monson To Speak At BSA Jamboree
An administrator for the upcoming Boy Scout Jamboree planned for this August near Fillmore, Utah expects 40,000 people to attend the gathering, which will feature President Thomas S. Monson of the LDS Church's First Presidency. The event will be held August 10 to 12th.

  LDS Meditation
Meditation...Answer to Test-Stress Syndrome??? Students of the LDS faith view meditation as daily prayer and scripture reading, and as drawing from the world and gaining perspective.

Other Churchwide News

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