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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended April 23, 2000
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Churchwide News

 Mormons fund $10 million plan for restoration in Kirtland
The LDS Church presented plans to the Kirtland City Council Monday detailing an investment of $10 million to restore and rebuild LDS landmarks in the town. The investment is the first major expenditure in the area since the 1984 renovation of the Kirtland General Store and a visitor's center. The plan includes a new visitors center, an inn and a commercial building, restored versions of early Kirtland buildings. A home, tannery and school house will also be remodeled under the plan.

 Man Freed in Missionary Murders Is Jailed in England for Gun Crime
The man once convicted of killing two LDS missionaries in 1974 is back in jail, at least for now. Robert Elmer Kleasen was put in jail by Crown Court Judge Michael Heath on Wednesday until he can sentence Kleasen for four firearms charges.

 Self-proclaimed polygamist charged with child rape, bigamy
Juab County Attorney David Leavitt announced yesterday that he has charged polygamist Thomas Arthur Green, 51, with child rape, bigamy and failure to pay child support. The charges represent only the fourth time that polygamy has been prosecuted since the infamous Short Creek in 1953.

  Is Honeymoon Over for Bigamy?
Thomas Arthur Green, a prominent Utah polygamist, was charged on April 17 with four counts of bigamy for co-habitating with four women while legally married to a fifth. Green was also charged with a sex crime for allegedly fathering a child with one of his "wives" when she was only l3-years-old and the felony non-support of some of his 29 children. If convicted, Green, 51, could serve the remainder of his life in prison.

  How Many Mormons Are There?
While many people have complained about the sometimes invasive questions on the U.S. Census, distributed to every household in the U.S. this year in the normal decennial count, the census doesn't include questions about religion. Now some religious leaders are calling for the census to do just that. Bedeveled with questions of how many members they have and how many are moving to other faiths, they and academics note that the counts provided by the churches themselves, including those from the LDS Church, are in many ways inaccurate.

  The miracle of seeds
While biologists and gardeners may already consider seed a miracle, that's not what the Deseret News' Wadley is calling a miracle. She writes about a miracle experienced by LDS Church members and LDS Humanitarian service workers that is blessing the lives of thousands in remote parts of the globe.

  Poll Shows Mormons Favor Bush
The most recent Harris Interactive Election 2000 survey shows that Mormons favor Texas Governor George W. Bush by 2 to 1 in the upcoming election. The poll, which draws on an Internet panel of 5.6 million respondents, was taken from April 4th to April 10th among 13,224 registered voters, one of the largest surveys taken. The poll included 186 respondents that identified themselves as Mormon.

 LDS Congressman Hansen Suggests Paying $10,000 For Organ Donations
Utah Rep. Jim Hansen, former chairman of the House Ethics Committee, promoted a bill that he introduced last month that would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. It would allow a "refundable credit" to the family or designated beneficiary of those who donate their organs at death. The bill, sponsored by the 1st District Republican, named the amount of $10,000 for the gift from Uncle Sam. Experts report that this remuneration could cross a shadowy legal line.

 Red Cross and LDS Church share values, director says
Dr. Bernadine Healy, director of the American Red Cross visited with the LDS Church's First Presidency on Tuesday and then toured the Huntsman Cancer Institute with its founder, LDS billionaire Jon M. Huntsman. In her remarks, Dr. Healy emphasized the common values that she believes the LDS Church's humanitarian programs share with the Red Cross.

  LDS Leader In Australia Decries Lost Values
Elder Bruce Hafen, Australia/ New Zealand area president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said: "I do sense many Australians are adrift in an aimless search for moral direction - and some of them, having lost their way, have doubled their speed."

 Latter-day Saints help Atoka preserve history
Chuck Titus is from Iowa, but has been spending the last seven years in Oklahoma with his family. He plans on being there at least until his son, who is currently in 7th grade, graduates from high school. Why does he plan on staying that long? Well, he's still got a little work to do. Chuck is part of the effort in microfilming all the courthouse records in every county in all of Oklahoma. There are 77 counties in all. He's currently in Atoka County, number 29 on the trail.

  Elder Hallstrom Leaves Business For GA Call
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin notes the appointment of Elder Donald L. Hallstrom to the First Quorum of the Seventy means that he will leave his business to work full time for the Church. Elder Hallstrom, 50, is president of The Hallstrom Group, Inc., a real estate consulting and appraisal firm.

  Tithing And Collections Among Religions Compared
Factors that affect peoples' donations to churches are examined at length in this article. Describing sociological research on the subject, the article emphasizes protestant and Catholic contribution patterns. In this regard, most churches rely on annual appeals and pledges as well as weekly envelopes to raise money.

  LDS Church Involves Whole Family
A Chicago area newspaper ran an article on Easter Sunday highlighting what some of the area churches were doing to add spirituality to their followers. They interviewed many people, among them a member of the LDS Church, Christine Sutarik.

Other Churchwide News

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