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  LDS Council Chair Will Sit Out Of Mall Decisions To Avoid Conflict
In an opinion released Tuesday, City Attorney Roger Cutler advised Salt Lake City Council Chairman Carlton Christensen to avoid discussions and a final vote on a proposed Grand Mall west of Salt Lake City International Airport in order to avoid a perceived conflict of interests.

  LDS French professor Karl Sandberg dies
Prominent St. Paul LDS Church member and professor of French at St. Paul's Macalester College died Wednesday in St George, Utah of complications from diabetes. Sandberg, who taught at Duke, the University of Arizona and the University of Minnesota in addition to 24 years on the faculty of Macalester, was 69.

  Gay Dimick Taylor
Gay Dimick Taylor, widow of LDS author Samuel W. Taylor, died at home on April 22nd, at the age of 92. Sister Taylor was a support and partner to her husband and an active LDS Church member, sharing her talents with her Relief Society.

  LDS Member's Thoughts In LA Times
LDS Church member Kathleen Lubbock Peterson has written another article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. It deals with her personal experience watching a cousin slowly succumb to death because of diabetes. The article is well written and sprinkled with quotes from Isaiah and Psalms, as it expresses her testimony of the resurrection.

  Blind LDS Student Honored
On Wednesday, April 19th, five Utah students were honored with $1,000 scholarships from the Utah Education Association's Children At Risk Foundation. The foundation is trying to recognize the accomplishments of children that have overcome significant adversity. One of those recognized was LDS student Blaine Shelton, who is blind.

  Prospective Missionary Was First Patient At New Primary Children's Hospital
Primary Children's Medical Center celebrated its 10-year anniversary at its current location in style Wednesday with an elaborate ice cream party. The Primary organization of the LDS Church established the first children's hospital in 1911, which operated out of just two rooms. The hospital moved to North Temple in 1922, and then on to 12th Avenue in 1952. The current facility was completed in 1990. Primary Children's Medical Center was owned by the LDS Church until the early 1970's, when it was spun off into Intermountain Health Care.

  Mormon To Speak On Nazi Prison Camps
The Sun reports that Karl Schnibbe, who it describes as "a Mormon survivor of Nazi Germany prison camps," was to speak at a Holocaust memorial service last night at a Jewish Temple in Henderson, Nevada.

  Companion of slain Morgan missionary now at WSU
One year ago, Elder Jonathan Barrett was killed while serving an LDS mission in the African country of the Ivory Coast. Elder Barrett was stabbed through the heart in an act motivated by racist sentiment. His native mission companion, Elder Pacome Georges Zokou, encountered difficulty in hailing a cab to take Elder Barrett for emergency treatment. Barrett passed away en route to the hospital.

  BYU Management Society to honor Ottleys as Utahns of the Year

 Temple Square Gardener Explores Chaos At Local Library
Gardener Peter Lassig is renowned throughout the world for his meticulously manicured gardens like those found at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

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