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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended April 30, 2000
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Local News

  LDS Officials Dispute Police Claim That Accused Sex Offender Was Leader
Redmond Stake President Steve Richardson is disputing police statements to the press here characterizing a 62-year-old businessman and church member as a leader. James Richardson, who is no relation to the stake president, plead not guilty yesterday to the sexual abuse of a young woman with Downs syndrome that he met through the church.

  Original Mormon chapel reopens
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve rededicated what the London Times calls the "world's first Mormon chapel" as a museum of LDS history in Great Britain. The restored building will also be used for "religious celebrations" on occasion.

  Liability Concerns KO Provo Fight Club
The Fight Club, a Provo-based boxing club, has been closed down by its owners, including a group of anonymous BYU students.

  Lawsuit Over LDS Welfare Benefits Dismissed
A lawsuit filed in small claims court over LDS welfare benefits was dismissed on Friday when the claimant failed to show up in court. Sherwin Koyle had claimed that his bishop failed to pay his mortgage payments.

  Time magazine does Nauvoo
A dozen Time magazine reporters, editors and photographers toured Nauvoo, Illinois, at the beginning of their two week trek down the Mississippi river. They talked with people about the town's historic restoration, but may return later because they think that there is more to the story. According to editor Barry Seaman, "There were too many church people there for people to talk openly."

  Former LDS Bishop Running For Utah AG
Despite low-profile nature of the Utah attorney general's race, the position carries significant power in the state. Democrat Jan Graham, Utah AG for the past eight years, used that power to work toward a settlement in the case against tobacco companies, and to ward off Gov. Mike Leavitt's efforts to limit the power of the attorney general.

  Two LDS Women Push Opposite Sites On Guns
Two like-minded Utah women have recently emerged on opposite sides of an issue that is the most hotly debated topic in the nation. Longtime activist Janalee Tobias and political newcomer, Rebecca Oyer have drawn weapons on opposite sides of the gun control issue. Tobias will represent a group of concerned mothers, known as the Pistol-Packin' Mamas, while Oyer is shepherding the upcoming May l4, Mother's Day Million Mom March in Utah.

  Students to Leave for Religion Class
A newly revised New Mexico state law has allowed the LDS Church to start released time seminary in Rio Rancho starting in the Fall. After the law was passed, local LDS leaders asked the Rio Rancho school board to approve released time, and the board approved the new policy Monday night.

  LDS Church Is Already Green, Says Panel
The green movement doesn't conflict with the teachings of the LDS Church, said a panel of LDS Church members and environmentalists, including Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the LDS Church's First Quorum of the Seventy. The presence of Elder Featherstone, who cautioned that he spoke for himself and not for the Church, was called "a historic event" by Rich Ingebretsen, who moderated the forum on the LDS Church and environmental issues.

  LDS official to join U. discussion
A University of Utah forum on Mormonism and Environmentalism today will include Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the First Quorum of the Seventy, according to the Deseret News. The forum, titled "Mormonism and Environmentalism: Understanding Belief and Practice," will be held at 7 p.m. tonight in the University of Utah Student Union Building.

  Mormon Roots Give Mesa, Arizona An Advantage
A study commissioned by the city of Mesa to help lure new employers there credits the city's Mormon roots for it strong work ethic and above average knowledge of a second language. The study, by the Morristown, New Jersey company Wadley-Donovan Group, points out that the city has more bachelors degrees per capita and higher ACT scores than neighboring Phoenix suburbs like Scottsdale and Gilbert.

  LDS Stake Holds Disaster Preparedness Workshop
COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA - The Council Bluffs LDS Stake held a disaster preparation workshop last weekend which was featured in an article in the Daily Nonpariel. The workshop was entitled Expo 2000, and the purpose of the event was to educate church members and others interested from the community about preparation for disasters of all kinds. Natural disasters were discussed, as well as personal disasters such as illness and sudden unemployment.

  Elder Maxwell Addresses Graduates
Elder Neal A. Maxwell likened Ricks College graduates to the college's symbol of the Vikings who "journeyed, explored and conquered." During the April 22 commencement, he said, "Your task is to conquer yourselves, not ships, lands and castles. This battle is the one in which you especially are to 'come off conqueror.' It is fought every day. In fact, it is a continuing process which commenced a long, long time ago."

  Local Mormons Get New Leader
Reynold Price....Called to Serve. Brother Price, age 41, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was issued a call to serve as the new bishop of the 2nd ward of the Schaumberg Stake and has accepted that calling. He is a lifelong member of the church and has held many such callings (or positions). He has served as a member of the High Council, a bishop's counselor, a scoutmaster, a teacher and a missionary for the church.

  Church honors local teachers
The LDS Church's Corvallis, Oregon Stake hosted a special service Sunday night, honoring 37 local educators for their work. This was the Stake's second annual "Teacher Appreciation and Community Service Recognition Evening" in which teachers nominated by LDS children in the Corvallis and Philomath school districts.

  On-line graduate applications at BYU increase

  Video helps record Mesa's 120 years of history
Mesa's history unfolds in a two-part video, "Mesa, A Sight Truly Lovely." Produced by Jim Zaharis, retired superintendent of the Mesa Unified School District, the half-hour video takes you through 120 years of Mesa's past. "I don't claim it to be anything thorough. It just adds to the written documents. It might add insight into how people lived."

Other Local News

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