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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 27, 2000
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News about People

  Actor Matthew Modine Has Mormon Heritage
People Weekly reveals that actor Matthew Modine grew up in a large tight-knit Mormon family in Loma Linda, California, and talks about Modine's early life as the son of a drive-in movie theater operator. Modine's career as an actor took off with his 1984 role as a Vietnam vet in "Birdy." He recently played the lead on the made for TV movie "Flowers for Algernon."

  LDS Scout Honored For Saving Scout Leader
LDS Scout Jonathan L. Payne will be honored doday by the Utah Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for his life-saving heroics last year when he saved his scout leader from drowning in the Green River. Payne will receive an award from the foundation at a ceremony at the Little American hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. He is then scheduled to enter the LDS Church's mission training center later today.

  SLC Teen Gets Notice For Supporting Gay-Straight Club
Time Magazine reviewed the prolifieration of gay-straight clubs at high school's nationwide, including in Salt Lake City, where the majority LDS population finds their existence troubling. Yet when one Salt Lake City high school banned such a club, LDS Church member Keysha Barnes, 18, objected, and signed-on as a plaintiff against the school board.

  BYU professor takes genealogy to new level, plans to genotype the world
BYU Professor of Molecular Biology Scott Woodward has started a new multimillion dollar project that could aid genealogists and others studying populations. Woodward is studying the genes of different populations around the world through a process called genotyping. By developing a database of genotypes of different populations, it should be possible to compare an individual's genotype with the database and determine which population(s) the person comes from.

  LDS Newspaper Editor Wanda Bush Dies
Wanda Bush, mother of two children, grandmother of 10, news editor for the Alabama Journal and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died on Valentine's Day ending a long romance with life. Wanda was born in 1926 in Robertsdale, a sizeable immigrant community near the ports of Mobile and New Orleans. Wanda love the Gulf Coast and recalled a dream while recently lying in the hospital. "I caught a hell of a lot of fish," she told daughter Kathryn Bush Kimball.

  Weber State Mascot, LDS RM, Broke Neck But Not Spirit
Days ago, 22-year-old Weber State University Mascot and Olympic hopeful Matt "The Cat" Maw broke two vertebrae in his neck as he tried a triple back tuck and landed on his head during practice. Doctors fear that he will probably never walk again. However, Maw's outlook remains optimistic.

  LDS Eagle helps eagle spread her wings
Shane Bench, a 15-year-old ninth-grader from Holladay, Utah has spearheaded an Eagle Scout service project that has given a new home to Nizhoni, a female golden eagle. Shane raised $2,023 in money and materials from neighbors, friends and members of the LDS Cottonwood 14th Ward, Big Cottonwood Stake. The 12 foot wide, 12 foot deep and 8 foot high mew houses the approximately-20 year-old Nizhoni, who sports a cap of golden brown feathers on the back of her head and chocolate brown feathers over the rest of her body.

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