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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended February 20, 2000
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 LDS Realtor Finds New Way To Spend Vacations
J. McDonald Brubaker is the new head of the Utah Realtors Association and owner and president of Tate-Brubaker Corp. The association has focused this year on developing leadership skills and industry background. Two major objectives of the association are helping its members to do their work well and broadening the policy of standing for the rights of people to own, use and transfer real property. With all of the challenges of work, Brubaker has set some incredible goals for service and charitable work of his own.

  Knitting sweaters for penguins
Sister Linda Parker of Salt Lake City was interviewed on last week's (12/02/00) "Basic Black," a 2-hour light variety show, on the topic of knitting sweaters for penguins. The topic was continued on this week's (19/02/00) show as well. Sister Parker said she has friends who are on a "church mission" in Australia who are trying to help victims of oil spills there -- penguins. It seems there's a species of relatively small penguin (they rarely get over 50 cm -- 20 inches -- tall) who are often caught in oil spills there. The oil temporarily destroys the natural oil coating on the penguin's feathers, making it impossible for them to swim and keep warm, so these special sweaters protect the birds until their feathers can heal themselves.

  Tumour puts mission on hold
LDS Church member John Thocolich has had to put both his basketball career on hold and an LDS mission on hold while doctors deal with a brain tumor that has reappeared. Thocolich, who is 7 foot 4 and wears size 23 shoes has had to go through a series of operations to remove the tumor, which affects his pituitary gland, and therefore his growth.

  How Orrin Hatch Met His Valentine
The Washington Times focused on the valentines of the presidential candidates for their Valentine's Day edition, and included Orrin and Elaine Hatch, presumably because the material was prepared before Hatch dropped out of the presidential race. Orrin and Elaine met at BYU, but only after they got to know each other through letters while Orrin was on an LDS mission.

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