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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 30, 2000
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 LDS Congressman in Brazil Leads Powerful Drug Investigation
LDS Church member Moroni Torgan of Brazil's Ceara state has made a name for himself in Brazil by investigating drug trafficking and bringing to light the mafia-like practices of the sometimes prominent members of Brazilian society that are involved.

  LDS Church Member Discovers, Reconciles with Relatives Nazi Past
Frederick Kempe, veteran foreign affairs correspondent, editor and associate publisher of The Wall Street Journal Europe, is the author of Father/Land: A Personal Search for the New Germany (Putnam, 1999). Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Kempe had for many years ignored his father's old Army footlocker and the German heritage that remained a part of an uncertain past. Until he opened it, Kempe could not start the odyssey of self-discovery that brought to light the meaning of dog-eared, underlined, Nazi pamphlets and a father who had been baptized a Mormon in the River Elbe in the 1920's,

 Former pastor turned BYU professor teaches about understanding other religions
Roger R. Keller is not only the Richard L. Evans Professor of Religious Understanding at BYU, he is an expert on the subject, having served as a Presbyterian minister and a Methodist pastor. Keller's first experience with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began 35 years ago at the Defense Language Center in California when a friend of his joined the church. "I was originally attracted to the LDS church because the members were profoundly faithful to Jesus Christ, concerned about caring for those in need and willing to talk about theology," Keller said.

 LDS Police Officer's Journey from Nigeria
As a boy in Lagos, Nigeria -- thousands of miles away from this mountainside city -- Chukwuemeka Chukwurah could not ignore the crime in the streets surrounding his home, and as a man in Utah, he will not let himself ignore it.

  NY Post Relates Story Behind Osmond Separation
The New York Post has uncovered many details of Marie Osmond's tragic separation from her husband, Brian Blosil and discovered that friends of Osmond are not surprised. According to those friends, Marie's has been suffering from depression that the Post says comes from unresolved feelings from her music star childhood.

Other People News

Major Snowstorm in Alabama Lets Young Women build Young Woman
A major snowstorm that hit Alabama sent kids home from school and parents home from work on Friday, January 28th. The Decatur Daily featured a picture of a group of LDS young women who built a snow creation called "Young Woman," which they based on a character in a novel.

Flaky time in the Valley
Decatur AL Daily 29Jan00 P2

D.C. Episcopalians Pay Tribute to Utah
LDS Senator Bob Bennett performed the layman's duties in the Episcopal Washington National Cathedral as the state of Utah was honored in the Cathedral's services January 23rd. Bennett read from the bible, with a Utah state flag at his side. "They had no concerns about having a layman from another church perform the layman's duties," said Bennett. "They were very warm and friendly. I was delighted to be included."

D.C. Episcopalians Pay Tribute to Utah
Salt Lake Tribune 25Jan00 P2
By Jill Carroll: Special to the Tribune


Ryland Names Gordon A. Milne Chief Financial Officer
Major U.S. home building firm The Ryland Group, Inc. named 47-year-old BYU graduate Gordon A. Milne executive vice president and chief financial officer. Milne brings to the home builder and mortgage finance concern 20 years of financial experience, including experience working for Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation for five years as VP finance, treasurer and president of Kaufman and Broad Mortgage.

Ryland Names Gordon A. Milne Chief Financial Officer
Businesswire 24Jan00 B2

Mitchell Edwards named Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer of IKANO
Veteran lawyer and strategic executive Mitchell Edwards was named Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer for IKANO, a provider of branded Internet services. Mitchell, a BYU graduate, is also a Stanford University trained lawyer and graduate of Oxford University.

IKANO Strengthens Management Team with New Executive Vice President And Chief Strategy Officer
PRNewswire 27Jan00 P2


Civic Volunteer Marian Everett Berrett dies
Berrett helped found the Ogden Cotillion and was a member and officer of the North Ogden Civic League. She worked with the Primary Children's Festival of Trees and served on the board of the Weber State University Emeritus Alumni Association. She also wrote and directed road shows that achieved "all Church" status in the 1950s and were performed at Kingsbury Hall and the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City. Marian Everett Berrett
Salt Lake Tribune 24Jan00 P2

Former West Bountiful City Councilman Max Kerr
LDS Church member Kerr was a World War II vetran and Safeway Stores employee for 30 years. He served on the West Bountiful Planning and Zoning Commission from 1957 to 1975 and as a city councilman from 1970 to 1975. He helped acquire the land for what is now the West Bountiful City Park.

Max Kerr
Salt Lake Tribune 26Jan00 P2

Wilbur Fahey, Head of LDS Church's Emergency Radio Response System
Fahey became an expert in radio communication, starting with learning morse code as an early age. He served as a radio operator on C-54 transport planes during World War II and during the Korean War, starting at age 16. He also became a pilot, earning an instructor's certificate and joining the Civil Air Patrol. In 1955 he crash landed with another in Price Canyon and lay stranded for more than 24 hours until rescued by the Civil Air Patrol. After retiring from the military in 1976, he worked for the Utah State Civil Defense, and then became Head Coordinator for the LDS Church's Emergency Radio Response System, working in behalf of LDS Church members during disasters.

Wilbur John Clay Fahey
Salt Lake Tribune 26Jan00 P2

Public Relations Executive Cyrus Greaves
Greaves had an extensive career in public relations in San Diego, California following an LDS mission to England, working for Convair Aircraft Co., Barnes-Chase Advertising, and the University of California, San Diego. In 1962, 1963, and 1964 he received the San Diego Public Relations Club's Best Community Relations program award. In 1969, at UCSD, the American College and University Association awarded him for best use of television among U.S. universities and colleges. In 1971 and 1973, he received the Silver Anvil award for outstanding community relations programs awarded by the Public Relations Society of America. He was named the San Diego Public Relations Club's Man of the Year in 1968.

Cyrus W. Greaves
Salt Lake Tribune 29Jan00 P2

Salt Lake's "shoe man" Bill Woods
Warren Bruce Woods died January 26. He founded Wilwood, Inc., a chain of specialty shoe stores that stretched from Louisiana to Washington State, developing a reputation in the shoe industry as one of the leading fashion retailers with an eye for design and quality.

Warren B. Woods
Salt Lake Tribune 29Jan00 P2


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