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For week ended January 30, 2000 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism,
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Summarized by Kent Larsen

NY Post Relates Story Behind Osmond Separation
New York NY Post 25Jan00 P2
By Daniel Jeffreys

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The New York Post has uncovered many details of Marie Osmond's tragic separation from her husband, Brian Blosil and discovered that friends of Osmond are not surprised. According to those friends, Marie's has been suffering from depression that the Post says comes from unresolved feelings from her music star childhood.

One business associate and friend is simply astonished that the marriage lasted as long as it did, "Marie had six children with Brian. That is a child once every two years. And she launched a multimillion-dollar doll business. And she had an ABC sitcom that still ranks as one of the network's biggest disasters (it was canceled after half a season). And she did 200 shows a year, touring all over the country," the friend notes.

Mo Jacobs, who worked with Marie at ABC agrees, "That would be stressful for anybody. For somebody with post-partum depression and a feeling she has never really worked out who she is, I suspect the mix was way too rich."

The strain evidently became too much for Marie last summer, shortly after the stressful labor and delivery of her sixth baby. Just a week after giving birth, Marie was hospitalized for emergency treatment of exhaustion. Two weeks later, she left her children and a bunch of credit cards with a nanny and drove off up California's Pacific Coast Highway. "I really felt my kids would be better off if they did not have a mother," she told the Los Angeles Times in a later interview, after her husband found her and persuaded her to come home.

Doctors prescribed Zoloft for the depression, but Marie stopped taking the drug after five days, "I couldn't handle it. Not only did it take away the low, it took away the joy," she told the Chicago Tribune just before Christmas. But her attempts to deal with the depression with hormone therapy seem to have been unsuccessful, according to an associate, "My impression was she became a workaholic to avoid confronting some deep emotional troubles."

Some associates say that her childhood may have caused some of the problems, "Marie has a lot of unresolved issues about her childhood," says a therapist who helped treat both Donny and Marie in the late '80s and early '90s. "I could never get her to admit becoming a child star at 3 while living in a regimented Mormon family might cause some problems. In her teens, she was making millions and coming home to do dishes or face harsh discipline."

The article claims that George Osmond, Marie's father, was a harsh disciplinarian, imposing "draconian" order and insisted that his children take their punishment without crying. In addition, the life of a child star includes additional pressures on the child. On one occasion, a producer from NBC took Marie aside in the parking lot and told her that the 'extra pounds' she had gained were "an embarrassment to your family."

In 1982, Marie went to Manhattan to start an acting career, and gained some privacy, in which she dated basketball star Steve Craig, who she married too soon, according to the article. In just two years the marriage was over, due in part to Craig's infidelity, which seemed to come from jealousy.

Since she married Blosil, who she met a year after divorcing Craig, sources told the Post she has tried to bee all things to everyone in her life; trying to be the perfect wife and mother while pushing her career back to the level she saw as a teenager.

The article also relates Marie's breakdown to the release of her brother Donny's autobiography, "Life Is Just What You Make It," last year. Co-workers say that Donny's confession in the biography that he had suffered from anxiety attacks and had a nervous breakdown scared Marie, "It was as if she realized if it could happen to him, maybe it could happen to her," says Arnie Davis, a musician who toured with Marie throughout the '90s. "She is a wonderful person to work with, but I could tell Donny's problems made her sullen, like I had never seen before."

The Post's sources say that Marie will now stop trying to be everything to everyone and confront "all the demons of her extraordinary past." She is said to be getting counseling from the LDS Church as well as seeing a California therapist.

Meanwhile, Marie has been with Donny almost non-stop since the separation, and the two are reportedly planning some "new and surprising" projects.


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