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Posted 24 Feb 2001   For week ended January 16, 2000
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Arts & Entertainment News

  Utah Gets Naked, Much to Signature's Delight
The first novel by 35-year-old Mormon Robert Hodgson Van Wagoner, "Dancing Naked" has hit #1 on for the state of Utah, according to Publisher Weekly's PW Daily for Booksellers. The novel tells of a Mormon professor confronting his own past and his homophobia after the death of his 15-year-old son.

  Gilgal 'Friends' Push City to Buy Garden
The Friends of Gilgal Garden may soon see the end of their fight to preserve the folk art sculpture garden. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson and a majority of the City Council are also in favor of purchasing the garden for the Salt Lake City Parks system. The garden was created by LDS stonemason Thomas Child and sculptor Maurice Brooks and contains many works bearing LDS quotations and images.

  LDS Woman Writes About 'The King Martin Luther King Followed'
LDS church member Kathleen Lubeck Peterson has written another personal essay for the Los Angeles Times, this detailing some of her feelings about the Reverend Martin Luther King. Peterson's essays have appeared periodically in the Times.

Other Arts & Entertainment Articles

Life's a balancing act for teacher-musician

LDS Schoolteacher and part-time musician Jeff Hinton of Lehi, Utah released his first CD in December. In a telephone interview with the Deseret News, Hinton talks about the challenges of being a part-time Musician.

Life's a balancing act for teacher-musician
Deseret News 14Jan00 A2,1249,145018785,00.html
By Dainon Moody: Deseret News staff writer

Ex-mormon's show called "Painfully Provocative"

Self-described ex-mormon Nancy Wright Cooper's one woman show is reviewed in this San Francisco Chronicle article. While "Spank" delves into images of sadomasochism and similar behaviors, Marech says that it is "more about [Cooper's] relationship with her alcoholic father than her relationship with a sexual partner." Cooper, a stockbroker, moved to San Francisco in 1996 from Santa Fe, New Mexico where she chronicled her religious history in "Religious Experience," which played to sold-out houses there, but flopped in San Francisco.

'Spank' -- Painfully Provocative
San Francisco CA Chronicle 14Jan00 A2
By Rona Marech: Chronicle Staff Writer

LDS High School Freshman Releases CD

LDS Church member David Sylvester has gained some recognition and exposure for his musical talent. After teaching himself to read piano music at age 7, he wowed and convinced his parents in his first piano recital at age 9. Now 14, he has released a full-length album of original instrumental songs called "My Turn."

Jefferson County High school freshman turns his musical talents into a CD
St Louis MO Post-Dispatch 10Jan00 A2
By Chris Carroll: Post-Dispatch

LDS guitarists perform in Provo

LDS guitarists Shane Jackman and Greg Simpson were to play at Wrapsody on Monday, January 17th. The folk artists were there to support Provo native Joey Dempster, who is releasing his first album.

Folk guitarists to perform at Wrapsody
(BYU) NewsNet 11Jan00 A4
By Meredith Young: NewsNet Staff Writer

Newly Released Book 'Geeks' May Become Movie

The nonfiction book "Geeks" may make it to the big screen, under a deal signed recently. New Line has reportedly paid a 'low-six-figure' sum for the book, which is based on teens Jesse Dailey and Eric Twilegar who used the Internet to escape an isolated Idaho Mormon town. The book about the pair is to be published next month by Villard, an imprint of Random House.

Latest Hollywood script deals (Geeks)
Boston Globe (Reuters) 14Jan00 A4

LDS Role Building Transcontinental Railroad

Kenney reviews "Empire Express" by David Haward Bain, which tells the story of the building of the transcontinental railroad in the United States. The construction cumulated in the driving of the "Golden Spike" north of Ogden, Utah. Bain recounts in the book that Mormon construction workers were used at one crucial stage of the work.

Pride and pitfalls along a coast-to-coast track
Boston Globe pgC08 10Jan00 A4
By Michael Kenney: Globe Staff

LDS Role in Nevada Adds to Paradox

McGrath reviews "In Nevada: The Land, the People, God and Chance" by David Thomson. She says "very few places are incurably, incontrovertibly, irretrievably weird. Nevada is one of these." McGrath says that "In Nevada" is Thomson's homage to the state. McGrath says that the heavy Mormon presence and history there is simply one more example of the contradiction and paradox that is Nevada.

Big, baking and barren - Nevada
London UK Evening Standard This is London 10Jan00 A4
By Melanie McGrath

New Book "Brigham's Day" Turns Mountain Meadows Into Crime Novel

Martin reviews John Gates' Brigham's Day, which brings the Mountain Meadows Massacre into a contemporary crime novel. Gates says that Mormons should enjoy his novel, "Anti-Mormons frequently seize on aspects of the church's history to condemn the religion. The church's reaction has often been to suppress its 'bad' history and focus on its 'good' present instead. As a result, many Mormons don't know all the history of their church's past. I think they'll find this book enlightening."

John Gates: Brigham's Day
Publishers Weekly 10Jan00 A4
By James A. Martin

LDS Performing Artists May Benefit from New Utah Center

A joint venture between Thanksgiving Point and the Lehi Arts Council will create a 155,000-square foot performing arts center by the summer of 2001. The center will include two theaters, the larger of which will accommodate up to 2100 people. The Center will provide a place where the predominantly LDS artists in Utah County can perform.

Thanksgiving Point donates land for new performing arts center
(BYU) NewsNet 12Jan00 A4
By Lyman Kirkland: NewsNet Staff Writer


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