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For week ended December 12, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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City answers ACLU's Main Street suit

Attorneys for Salt Lake City filed an answer to the ACLU's lawsuit challenging the terms of the sale of Main Street to the LDS Church on Tuesday, the filing deadline. In their answer, the city attorney Roger Cutler says that the terms of sale give up the use of the property as a public forum in exchange for the $8.1 million sale price.

Freedom Second to Money For Main Street, Says SLC

Municipal lawyers for Salt Lake City are defending a deal that saw the city sell a block of Main Street with provisions that the land would no longer be available for public demonstrations. The attorneys say that the 8.1 million dollars the city received from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the deal worthwhile for the city.

LDS Church asks to be a party in plaza suit

Worried that its interests in the ACLU's lawsuit against the sale by Salt Lake City of a one-block stretch of Main Street in Salt Lake City, the LDS Church has asked the U.S. District Court to include it in the lawsuit. The ACLU filed suit last week opposing the terms of the sale of the street to the Church because it deprives protestors of an important venue.

LDS Church-supported Gay Marriage Battle in Hawaii Ends (Gays fight may turn to rights and benefits)

The battle in Hawaii over same-sex marriage ended Thursday as the Hawaii state Supreme Court ruled in the case that started the same sex marriage battle. The court ruled that the case was moot because voters had amended the state constitution last November to prohibit same-sex marriage. But the Court also ruled that same-sex couples were still entitled to the same benefits as married couples.

President Hinckley to appear on Larry King Live Christmas Eve (Ricky Martin: As great as it gets)

In his regular column in USA Today, Larry King announced that President Gordon B. Hinckley of the LDS Church will be a guest on his show Christmas Eve. While King gives few details, he does say that he will have a number of guests that evening with President Hinckley, including the Reverend Robert Schuller, live from Jerusalem and Bishop Desmond Tutu, live from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

American Jeweish Congress promotes Boston Temple position

The American Jewish Congress sent out a press release yesterday trumpeting its brief supporting the LDS Church's Boston Temple. The AJC claims that the Temple is a clear example of how zoning laws can be used to promote religious freedom.

LDS Leaders Focus on True Gifts of Season

The First Presidency's annual Christmas broadcast last night focused on the precious Christmas gifts of the heart. Speaking first, President James E. Faust told of his experience as a child concentrating on a toy over a more important token of his parents love and of how he wishes he had that token now, while he forgot the toy just weeks after Christmas.

A Mormon Mother Defends Faith And Church (TGI Thursday)

York Radio featured a religious roundtable on its weekly programme ³TGI Thursday² following the announced decision to scale down the ³Faith² section of London's Millenium Dome. An Anglican, an Episcopal, and a Mormon were asked -- grilled, really -- about the role and relevance of spirituality in Britain today.

Hatch Offers Bush Vice Presidency (Back From The Brinkmanship)

In the recent debate among Republican presidential candidates, front-runner George W. Bush proved far less nimble on his feet than LDS Church member Orrin Hatch, whose campaign languishes far behind Bush in both the polls and in fund raising. Hatch got the laugh of the evening at Bush's expense.

Book of Mormon called a 'Milestone' in Millennium (Milestonesin Christianity during the past millennium)

In a review of important events in Christianity during the past millennium, the American-Statesman staff chose the Book of Mormon as one of 24 events it considered the most important in the history of Christianity in the past 1000 years. The events start with the schism between the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches in 1054 and end with the 1962 Vatican council.

TV show cast fights Knight initiative in ad ('Will & Grace' Sitcom Goes Political With TV Ad)

The stakes over California's "Knight Initiative," also known as Proposition 22, continue to rise as both sides prepare for a March vote. Now, the cast of a television show that includes two gay characters has weighed-in, producing a television ad that claims the proposition will legalize discrimination against gays and lesbians. The cast of the sitcome "Will &Grace" announced Wednesday that they had produced the ad.The TV spot by the show could start appearing in California as early as January.

LDS Church bottles time, sealing capsule for 2049

The first time capsule was closed in 1899, and opened 50 years later, in 1949. At that time a second time capsule was closed, and was only opened earlier this year. Now President Gordon B. Hinckley closed a third time capsule commemorating the founding of the Sunday School on December 9, 1849.

LDS Church confirms new Hinckley interview with King (Pres. Hinckley, King on air again Dec. 24)

LDS Church spokesman Dale Bills confirmed Tuesday that LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley will do a new live interview on Christmas eve with talk show host Larry King, as King claimed in his column in USA Today. King will interview President Hinckley as part of his "Millennium Month" series on CNN. Details are still being finalized.

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