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For week ended December 12, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Stabbing wounds described in detail

The sentencing phase of the murder trial of former LDS high counselor Scott Falater began Thursday with Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez guiding County Medical Examiner Dr. Ann Bucholtz through a description of the stabbing wounds in Falater's wife, Yarmilla, in an attempt to win the death penalty for Falater. Falater was convicted of the murder of his wife in June despite a "sleepwalking" defense that gained national media attention.

The Dedication of the Edmonton Alberta Temple

The Edmonton Alberta Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has now been dedicated. President Gordon B. Hinckley presided at seven Dedicatory sessions held this weekend. Overflow crowds were seated in the Edmonton Alberta Riverbend Stake Centre, adjacent to the temple.

Edmonton Alberta Temple Open House Concludes

Over 27,000 people took the opportunity to tour the Edmonton Alberta Temple Open House during it's four days of operation. The flow of visitors at the new temple was fairly constant throughout the public viewing, with peak periods on Saturday of over 1500 people an hour

LDS Member Helps Muslims Find Ramadan Site (Muslims Seek Ramadan Site)

For the second time in three years, LDS Church member Tom Thorkelson, an ex-Marine, has stepped in to assist Muslims. "As soon as they found themselves in trouble, they called me," said Thorkelson, who serves as president of the Orange County chapter of the interfaith group, the National Conference for Community and Justice. "Because I was able to do it before for them, they thought I could do it again."

Mormon church growing in NW

Reporter Steve Maynard of the Tacoma, Washington News Tribune interviewed Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the First Quorum of the Seventy and President of the North America Northwest area of the LDS Church, in the process discovering why the LDS Church is growing so fast in the Northwest and in the world.

Spreading the Word; Young Mormon Missionaries take their Faith to Chinatown

The New York Post's Children's Express, an edition of the New York paper written by and for kids, interviewed Elders Chang-Ching Yeh and Wen-Chia Chang, Chinese-speaking missionaries assigned to Chinatown by the New York New York North Mission. Elders Yeh and Chang are part of an attempt by the mission to reach the "one of the biggest populations of Chinese people in the Western world."

Believers rise above conflicts, build Diakonia close to Home

The LDS Church is participating in an interfaith program underway in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. The Diakonia movement is geared at having worshippers help improve their community. Co-founder Lidwin Dime says "Religion is there to help faith grow. If you believe, you can't sit still. You need to go out to others and serve." (The name comes from the Greek word for service.)

Mother Who Starved Girl Sentenced to Prison

A mother whose malnourished 6-year-old girl ran away last March and went door-to-door begging for food was sentenced to up to five years in prison Monday. The child ran away from a van where she had been left by her abusive mother while the mother was going to see an LDS Bishop to get food.

LDS Family Mourns at Christmas (Jennifer's ornaments)

The family of Jennifer Daniel is celebrating Christmas without her. As reported in late October, Jennifer Daniels was shot and killed by Dan Pasek, whose child she was carrying, in a tragic murder-suicide. But her family is finding it hard to celebrate the holidays without her.

LDS Temple in Mesa Decorates for Christmas (Battle of the bulbs)

The Phoenix area's East Valley is so decked out with Christmas lights that astronauts could spot the town from orbit, claims Yost in the Arizona Republic. The Mesa Temple is part of the decoration, sporting more than 600,000 Christmas lights as part of Mesa's Holiday Lighting Program.

LDS Missionaries help save Man from fire (Man, dog rescued fromSalem fire)

Elders Justin Hansen of Alberta, Canada and David Bergesen of Tempe, Arizona, were walking by a house in Salem, Virginia when they saw two men dragging Kenneth Lugar from his burning house on Thursday, December 9th. The missionaries helped carry the man to the front yard.

LDS RM Recovers from Wilderness Attack (Last of Runaway Teens in Custody)

An LDS Returned Missionary serving as a youth counselor to a program for wayward youth, is unharmed after the eight youths he and a co-worker were leading on a wilderness camping trip overpowered them and escaped. Kirk "Marty" Stock was beaten with juniper sticks and bound with duct tape along with his co-worker, BYU student Sunshine Fuller. Both Stock and Fuller were otherwise unharmed and all eight youths have been found and accounted for.

Doctor Looses Medical License for Teaching Former LDS Bishop

A Doctor in Logandale, Nevada, who was involved in a 1998 nationwide anthrax scare, has had his medical license revoked by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. In the board's meeting on Saturday, it voted 9-0 to revoke Dr. William O. Murray's license because he aided and abetted "the unauthorized practice of medicine," by former LDS bishop William Leavitt Jr.

Safety urged at temple display

Those visiting the Mesa Arizona Temple to see the 500,000 Christmas Lights decorating the building and grounds should use common sense, and not be so dazzled by the display that they don't take normal precautions. Last year Susan Conser-Hughes was injured when she crossed the street while looking at the lights.

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