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For week ended December 12, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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News about Mormons, Mormonism, and the LDS Church

General News City answers ACLU's Main Street suit
Attorneys for Salt Lake City filed an answer to the ACLU's lawsuit challenging the terms of the sale of Main Street to the LDS Church on Tuesday, the filing deadline. In their answer, the city attorney Roger Cutler says that the terms of sale give up the use of the property as a public forum in exchange for the $8.1 million sale price.

Local News Stabbing wounds described in detail
The sentencing phase of the murder trial of former LDS high counselor Scott Falater began Thursday with Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez guiding County Medical Examiner Dr. Ann Bucholtz through a description of the stabbing wounds in Falater's wife, Yarmilla, in an attempt to win the death penalty for Falater. Falater was convicted of the murder of his wife in June despite a "sleepwalking" defense that gained national media attention.

Sports Mission President Dale Murphy may return to Baseball (Ricky Martin: As great as it gets)
Larry King notes in his USA Today column that former Atlanta Braves baseball star, Dale Murphy, currently serving as president of the Boston Massachussets Mission, may return to baseball when his mission ends next spring. King says that Murphy wants to come back and says that he would make a great pitching coach.

People LDS writer tells of 'Christmas Where It Happened'
LDS Church member Kathleen Lubeck Peterson has again written an article for the Times' On Faith column, this time covering her experience in Israel during Christmastime. Peterson, a former seminary teacher in her ward, reminisces about the trip, contrasting how different Christmas in the U. S. is with the Christmas she spent in Israel, and how that Christmas must have been different than the night of Christ's birth.

Arts & Entertainment New book tells story of first LDS missionaries in India
BYU Professor R. Lanier Britsch has writted a new history of the first LDS missionaries in India. In the book, "Nothing More Heroic: the Compelling Story of the First Latter-day Saint Missionaries in India," Britsch tells the story of the 17 missionaries that labored in India between 1851 and 1856, baptizing about 100 people.

Business LDS missionaries to stay working during Y2k
Despite reports that the U.S. State Department will pull non-essential personnel from five countries over year 2000 concerns, the LDS Church will keep missionaries in the field during year-end and the beginning of 2000. "The only precautions the Church is taking for Y2K is to request that no missionaries and church employees travel between December 30, 1999 and January 5, 2000," said LDS Church spokesperson Michael Purdy.

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