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For week ended December 12, 1999 Posted 18 Dec 1999

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LDS missionaries to stay working during Y2k

Summarized by Kent Larsen

LDS missionaries to stay working during Y2k
BYU Newsnet 9Dec99 B1
By Annie Gardner: NewsNet Staff Writer

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Despite reports that the U.S. State Department will pull non-essential personnel from five countries over year 2000 concerns, the LDS Church will keep missionaries in the field during year-end and the beginning of 2000. "The only precautions the Church is taking for Y2K is to request that no missionaries and church employees travel between December 30, 1999 and January 5, 2000," said LDS Church spokesperson Michael Purdy.

Writing in the on-line newspaper WorldNetDaily, investigative reporter and LDS Church member David M. Bresnahan questioned LDS Church officials about the issue after news stories reported that missionaries would not be flying between midnight December 30 and midnight January 5th. Bresnahan pointed out that the state department was pulling-out personnel from four countries where the LDS Church has missionaries, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Belarus. The state department is also pulling employees out of Algeria, but the LDS Church does not have missionaries there.

Church members with family members serving missions in these countries are relying on the Church's judgement and on the Lord for the safety of their relatives. BYU Professor Douglas Brinley, whose daughter is serving a mission in St. Petersburg, Russia, says he isn't concerned about her safety because the Church hasn't contacted his family about any problems. His wife, Geri, says she is trusting the Lord. "If she were working for the U.S., I'd be concerned about her coming home, but she's working for the Lord and I put my trust in Him," she said.

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