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For week ended November 21, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001
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Local News

Calendar becomes new foe for Mormon temple's steeple

The LDS Church may be at a disadvantage in its on-going dispute with neighbors of the new Boston Massachusetts Temple because of timing concerns. The Church had hoped that the dispute over the Temple's steeple could be resolved in time for it to be completed before the building's dedication ceremonies, but court delays are making that increasingly unlikely.
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Mormon temple dedicated in Billings

The dedication follows a two-week open house attended by more than 68,000 people. They got a chance to see the 33,800-square-foot building prior to its dedication and closure to the general public.

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Perth Temple Groundbreaking

President Kenneth Johnson, First Councillor in the Australia New Zealand Area Presidency presided and conducted the meeting. Approximately 700 members and invited guests were present at the service in the Dianella Stake Centre.

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Tribute to Agricol Lozano Herrera held in Mexico City

Yesterday, November 18 1999, at M»xico Temple Square, in the Aragon stake building, a service was held to give tribute to brother Agricol Lozano Herrera, The service was promoted by an organization of religions, a council of religions in spanish "consejo inter-religioso de Mexico", and the service was presided by the South Mexico Area Presidency.

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Graham Disputes Abuse Remarks

State Senator Parley Hellewell, a member of the LDS Church, has came under fire last week for comments he made suggesting that women on welfare might encourage abuse to get welfare benefits. His comments and those of fellow state senator Lorin Jones were made during a meeting of the Workforce Services Legislative Interim Committee last week. The comments have been attacked by advocates for domestic abuse victims.

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Sperry symposium: 'Power of the Book of Mormon'

Robert J. Matthews, the former dean of Religious Education at BYU, offered the keynote address Nov. 12th to a capacity audience at the Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, the first of 20 offered in the two days of the event. He spoke on the "Power of the Book of Mormon." He said, "It is a true record and it is true doctrine and the truth has a certain power all its own."

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Preaching to the choir

Though there's nothing really unusual about Elders Mark Tonih and Markus Kollmeyer, they are an unusual pair of missionaries. They are such because their area consists of 9 of the 20 student stakes at BYU and one normal ward in Provo. What a fishbowl life it is for them. They can't get away with any infraction of the rules.

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