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For week ended November 21, 1999 Posted 24 Feb 2001

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Tribute to Agricol Lozano Herrera held in Mexico City

Summarized by 'Abraham Menes'

Tribute to Agricol Lozano Herrera held in Mexico City
without permission. For list info see
Tribute to Agricol Lozano Herrera held in Mexico City

Yesterday, November 18 1999, at Mexico Temple Square, in the Aragon stake building, a service was held to give tribute to brother Agricol Lozano Herrera, The service was promoted by an organization of religions, a council of religions in spanish "consejo inter-religioso de M»xico", and the service was presided by the South Mexico Area Presidency.

As you should remember Agricol Lozano Herrera died on July 29, 1999. Some representatives of different religions, Catholics, Judes, Anglicans and Greek Orthodox were there and spoke very well about elder Agricol Lozano. Many LDS leaders were there, Carl B. Pratt, Eran A. Call, and Armando Gaona of the area presidency, Roy H. King, the new Mexico Temple President, Elder Octaviano Tenorio, Seventy Area Authority, Elder Aurelio Valdespino, Director of Public Relations, Lino Alvarez, Director of Church Educational System, Jorge Montoya, Stake President, close friend to Agricol Lozano and actual legal counselor of the church in Mexico.

The Lozano family, several stake presidents and friends of the family, were also there.

The messages were very touching, it was interesting to hear good thoughts from people that are not LDS, but knew brother Lozano.

The president of the executive comitte of the religion council, Jonathan Ross, from the Jude community, was the first speaker and directed the service. He said: "He came with ideas to promote a better comprehension and tolerance in the group . . .".

The second speaker, Enrique, of the Jude community also said: "We knew the Church of Jesus Christ through him . . . we knew through him every one of you as church members."

The third speaker was Guadalupe Garcia, from the Catholic community, she said: "I remember him as an upright person, a joust person . . . he had compassion to the young men, to the sick, to our indian brothers . . ." Jorge Montoya, a stake president and the one who worked with him as a lawyer for 30 years said: "Agricol Lozano was a man with great faith in God, with a vision, an honorable man, with high ideals, he loved his neighbor and was always ready to contribute to the community and to a better world . . . he used to say 'the dignified call on life is the one who lets you serve your neighbor and the dignified goal in life is to strain to be better and to make others happier '."

Elder Pratt, the Mexico South Area President said: "He was pacient, with energy, anxious that things were going well, his only will was to bless others and so serve his God." He quoted some scriptures: Joshua 24:15, D. and C. 4: 2, and Mosiah 2:17, and said "Agricol did not know another way to do the things but with all his heart, mind and strength . . ." brother Pratt ended his speech saying: "let us remember him and follow his example and so serve our God".

It was a touching service and I just want to add, remember everything he used to taught to us, be honest, work hard, have your own business, prepare yourselves and work hard as he did, as a regional representative and stake president on the welfare program, as a Mission President preaching the Gospel and as a Temple President, redeeming live and dead. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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