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For week ended September 12, 1999 Posted 26 Sep 1999

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A non-'PROPHET' production

Summarized by Gregor McHardy

A non-'PROPHET' production
Provo UT Daily Herald 12Sep99 L2
By Eric D. Snider: The Daily Herald

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There is some doubt whether the new play by Thom Duncan and Mark Gelter is a class act or just another bland LDS theater production. Each of these three reviews at least credit the show with not clobbering you over the head with a 2x4 to deliver a missionary or gospel message. And while the show is entertaining, one of the critics cast up all sorts of sour grapes about how the acting was wooden, distant, and did not adequately portray the passion of the real life characters.

The play focuses on the relationship between Joseph and Emma Smith as portrayed by Sam Payne and Johanne Frechette Perry, but also includes Marvin Payne appearing as Joseph's guardian angel, and a reportedly one-sided portrayal of Simonds Ryder by Michael Cox.

The BYU reviewer gives points for humor and sentimentality, but Eric Snider pans the show for lack of real character development. Whatever the effect of the show, it seems very few people are taking the time to see it, as the cast sometimes outnumbers the audience at performances in the Scera theater.

'Prophet' offers historical, emotional perspective (BYU) Daily Universe 16Sep99 L2 By Brandon Mull: NewsNet Staff Writer The new musical "Prophet" offers a poignant perspective on the last days of Joseph Smith's life.


LDS show 'PROPHET' set for debut Provo UT Daily Herald 3Sep99 L2

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