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For week ended September 05, 1999 Posted 19 Sep 1999

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Crackers Threaten NASA, Mormon Websites

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Crackers Threaten NASA, Mormon Websites
Newsbytes 3Sep99 L6
By Bob Woods: Newsbytes

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- An LDS-oriented website was threatened by a group of crackers last week, according the the International Association For Counterterrorism &Security Professionals (IACSP), which owns the website, which was cracked by the group. The IACSP says that the cracks are only a nuisance, and easy to fix.

The crackers left a message on the site claiming that they would next attack a NASA site at Goddard Space Flight Center and the site It is likely that the crackers chose, thinking that it was a site sponsored by the LDS Church. is actually a privately-owned site with LDS-related material. The Church's official website is at

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