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For week ended August 29, 1999 Posted 5Sep99
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Ex-Missionary Gets 1 Year For Sexually Abusing Girl

22-year-old Daniel Landeros, who plead guilty in February to sexual abuse of a child, has been sentenced to 1 year in prison, 3 years on probation and fined $1,850. During the probation, Landeros is prohibited from being alone with any female under 18 or having contact with the victim and her family. Landeros must also enter a sex offender treatment program.

Final pose of 'Sweetheart Tree'

The 'Sweetheart Tree' outside the Salt Lake LDS Temple provided a backdrop for its last married couple on August 11th, just before it was ripped from its roots by the Tornado that struck downtown Salt Lake City. The tree was a popular backdrop for wedding pictures, and saw thousands of LDS couples in the first hours of their marriages.

Mormon Con Men avoid jail time (3 must repay victims of fraudulent movie deal)

Three con men who tricked their Cedar City neighbors out of almost $300,000 have been convicted and ordered to pay back the money. The three will also be on probation for the next 36 months, but will not serve any jail time.

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