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For week ended August 29, 1999 Posted 4 Sep 1999

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Has Jell-O lost its jiggle among Utahns?

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Has Jell-O lost its jiggle among Utahns?
Deseret News 26Aug99 L2
By Ann Cannon

Deseret News columnist Ann Cannon is worried because at a number of Mormon functions she has attended this year she hasn't seen any Jell-O. While she has seen a number of other Mormon entertaining staples, like funeral potatoes, Jell-O is for some reason no where to be seen.

Cannon thinks that Mormons have started feeling embarrassed about Jell-O, in the wake of all the Jell-O jokes being told as the 2002 Olympics approach, "We can't believe how completely UNHIP we have been for all these years to actually like a see-through food that also vibrates."

She then says that she still likes Jell-O, and reminisces about her memories of Jell-O both as a Mormon staple and as a school cafeteria serving, one that her high school friend Milo was an expert at 'Snarfing," i.e., consuming without chewing or swallowing.

To ease her Jell-O nostalgia, Cannon gives a Jell-O recipe and suggests that readers submit their favorite recipes.

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