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For week ended August 22, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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Heap makes football his mission

Summarized by Eileen Bell

Heap makes football his mission
(Phoenix) AZ Republic 19Aug99 L3
By Richard Obert: Arizona Republic

This article discusses Arizona State football player Todd Heap, who has decided to put off going on a mission, to be able to play football this year. Brother Heap says it was a tough decision. "A lot of things go through your head. I don't know. It's something you've got to decide for yourself. It's got to be a personal decision. It's a big decision. You sacrifice so much."

Coach Bruce Snyder says Brother Heap has potential that jumps "off the charts." The young athlete is described as showing "flashes of brilliance" in his first year.

He is an active member of the LDS Church, and says he may still go on a mission. Just not this year. His father Bob Heap says, "He feels like he has a future in football, and he's got that string pulling on him. It's a tough decision for LDS kids. We support whatever he wants to do."

As he was making his decision, Heap spoke with both Suns Coach Danny Ainge and Rattlers Coach Danny White. Both are LDS, and neither chose to go on a mission.

He also consulted with Kurt Wallin, a junior defensive tackle at ASU. Wallin did serve a mission in New York State. He hadn't planned to serve a mission but when he turned 19, "I knew I had to go." Brother Wallin says he's glad he did go. "I've talked to Todd about it and, of course, it's his decision and don't (listen to) what anybody says. You're worried what people are going to think." Wallin says he didn't feel any loss of his athletic skills by serving a mission. "It wasn't that big a deal for me. You get it back after a month or so."

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