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For week ended August 22, 1999 Posted 4 Sep 1999
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Happy Factory Builds Wooden Toys That Can't Be Bought But Bring Joy Around the World

The wooden toys manufactured by Happy Factory are very popular, but they can't be purchased. Charles Cooley started building toys four years ago when he retired, uncertain what he would do with them. His wife soon discovered a use. She took a batch into Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake, getting in return "the best payday I ever had," according to Cooley, when an administrator was in tears from the couple's generosity.

LDS Church Quilting Bee for Kosovo refugees (Briefly in Topeka)

The Capital-Journal notes that the LDS Topeka Stake will hold a second quilting bee for Kosovo refugees on Thursday, August 19th at the Stake Center. The Sherwood Ward Relief Society is sponsoring the event to piece and tie single- and double-sized quilts to be given to refugees returning home.

LDS Building to take in students in emergency (Where students will go in emergency)

An LDS Church building in Clay County, Florida has been designated as an 'evacuation site' for the school system in case of violence or other major emergency. The LDS chaple in Middleburg, Florida will serve as the primary evacuation site for the students of Wilkinson Elementary and Wilkinson Junior High.

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