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For week ended August 22, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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Y. surpasses goal of $250 million - by a bunch

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Y. surpasses goal of $250 million - by a bunch
Deseret News 17Aug99 C4
By Jeff Call: Deseret News staff writer

PROVO, UTAH - BYU's long-running "Lighting the Way" capital campaign has raised more than $312 million, far exceeding the campaign's $250 million goal months ahead of schedule. And BYU President Merrill J. Bateman says that the money will be used to build BYU's influence in the world. "The goal is to lengthen our reach around the world," Bateman said. "We're improving what we do on campus and extending blessings to others."

To celebrate the completion of the campaign, BYU will hold a celebration on September 24th at the BYU Marriott Center. The celebration will air a video of Bateman standing on the edge of a cliff on Squaw peak with Utah Valley (and BYU) in the background.

The campaign received donations from over 145,000 donors, including some non-members of the LDS Church. Contributions ranged from just $1 to $25 million. $38 million of the funds is earmarked for special programs, including a program that will return missionaries that served in foreign language missions back to the country they served in, to help native RMs capitalize on their mission experiences to secure jobs and support their families. "By lifting them, we will be able to increase and solidify their faith and help them find skills that will make them in demand in the workforce," Bateman said.

Another part of the funds will be used to improve technology and facilities on campus. In addition, $33 million will go to the University's endowment; $40 million is earmarked for scholarships, $68 million will be spent on learning enhancement and another $40 million will be spent on new buildings.

In addition, student enrollment has recently increased to 29,000 from 27,000 and a School of Family Life has been created.

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