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For week ended August 22, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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Latter-day Saints get new temple in Columbus

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Latter-day Saints get new temple in Columbus
Toledo OH Blade 21Aug99 C3


Mormons build first Ohio temple since 1838 Akron OH Beacon Journal (AP) 22Aug99 C3 Associated Press

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The open house for the Columbus, Ohio Temple started on Saturday, August 21st and will continue through August 28th. The Temple is the first in Ohio in more than 100 years, according to LDS Church spokesman Pauline Morello. The Kirtland Temple, constructed in 1836, hasn't been used by the LDS Church as a Temple since the late 1830s, and is now owned by the Reorganized Church.

The new 10,700-square-foot Temple with its 'glistening' Vermont marble exterior will serve the 43,000 LDS Church members in Ohio plus members in the Charlestown, West Virginia area. Previously, Ohio and West Virginia members traveled to either Chicago, Toronto or Washington D.C. It is one of the Church's new small Temples, accomodating 80 people at a time.

Becky Christofferson, of Dublin, Ohio is very excited to have a Temple there, "Nowhere on Earth can you go to gain greater peace than you can feel when you enter a temple,'' she told The Columbus Dispatch. "It's like the cares of the world are left behind -- a shedding of that which is worldly and being in tune with that which is holy. To have such close

access to that is just tremendous."

The Temple is scheduled to be dedicated on September 4th.

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