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For week ended August 15, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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BYU's place in College Football History (Statitudes: Hundred wins war)

Summarized by Eric Bunker

BYU's place in College Football History (Statitudes: Hundred wins war)
CNN/SI 12Aug99 L3
By Ryan Hunt: CNN/SI

Football powerhouses of Florida State, Nebraska, Florida and Tennessee can make a case for being college football's "Team of the Decade" in the '90s. All are trying to reach the rare 100-victory in a decade mark. Barring a complete collapse, the Seminoles, Cornhuskers and Gators all should reach 100 wins before November, and the defending national champion Volunteers can become the fourth team with another 10-win season. Penn State is the only other team with a shot, if the Nittany Lions win all of 13 of their games.

In this century, Division I teams with a record of a 100+ wins in a decade are Alabama 1970-79 with a 103-16-1, Nebraska 1980-89 with a 103-20-0, Oklahoma 1970-79 with a 102-13-3, and Brigham Young 1980-89 102-26-0

Granted, reaching 100 wins these last three decades has been made progressively easier with the addition of conference championships and the ever-increasing number of post-season bowl games. In former decades most teams averaged slightly more than 100 games a ten-year span.

Which team is anointed the "Team of the Decade" remains to be seen, however BYU is not in contention. Never the less, for NCAA football, the '90s itself has been one of the best in history.

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