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For week ended August 15, 1999 Posted 30Aug99
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Hatch finishes dead last

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch finished dead last in the Iowa Republican straw poll on Saturday, but Hatch called his showing a victory , saying that he did better than expected, "I got more than 2 percent of the vote. I exceeded everyone's expectations. Many thought I would get less than 1 percent."

Salt Lake steeler

I'll win this doggone thing."

In Concord, he has already hit on a gimmick. It seems that he was in a small gathering and the subject of George W's $36 million came up. A woman said, "Why, Senator, all you need is for a million people to give you 36 dollars, and you're all caught up" whereupon she ripped off a check for 36 bucks. Hatch keeps the now nicely laminated check in his breast pocket and waves it wherever

Religion Today

On Aug. 4, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the scouts violated that state's anti-discrimination law by excluding avowed homosexuals from leadership positions. The case involved an assistant scoutmaster ousted because he was co-leader of a gay and lesbian group. The justices ruled that the government's interest in ending discrimination outweighs the scouts' constitutional claim of freedom of association that a private group is free to decide whom to include and exclude from membership.

Hatch Denies He Is Biased Against Gays

GOP presidential nomination candidate 65-year-old Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch is drawing criticism for his views and comments on homosexuality. Over a decade ago Hatch made public comments concerning homosexuals and the Democratic Party. He is still doing political double speak to defuse those remarks.

Casino operators donate to Bennett

WASHINGTON, DC - New financial disclosure forms filed by Utah Senator Bob Bennett, who is a former LDS Bishop, indicate that he traveled to Las Vegas last April to accept donations from casino-related organizations. The disclosure forms indicate that fully 90 percent, $17,500, of the donations he received in the first half of 1999 were from Nevada. The largest donations came from casino-sponsored political action committees, including the Station Casinos, Inc. PAC the Mirage Resort, Inc. PAC and the Circus Circus Enterprises PAC.

Taste -- A Textbook Case: Houses of Worship

Does the First Amendment to the Constitution declare an absence of religion from state-sponsored organizations? It was 1948 when the Supreme Court ruled an end to religious instruction in public schools, and since that time not only has preaching and praying disappeared from classrooms, but even association of historical events with the faith that incited them.

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