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For week ended August 08, 1999 Posted 29 Aug 1999

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Intl Carpet Cleaners Get Church Account

Summarized by The Sievers

Intl Carpet Cleaners Get Church Account
SA-LDSNews News 6Aug99 L4

Chem-Dry Canada, the master franchiser in Canada of the world-wide carpet cleaning company Chem-Dry recently acquired the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an account. Peter Snow, owner of Chem-Dry Canada (CDC), commented that the Church has agreed to allow CDC to clean the carpets in all Church-owned buildings across Canada. This will include chapels, stake centres, and CES buildings.

Snow, also a counsellor in the Abbotsford British Columbia Stake Presidency, mentioned that the contract requires the carpets to be cleaned every six months, beginning this September.

In Canada, most areas where the Church has many buildings are metropolitan areas, so the number of Chem-Dry franchises are sufficient to cover such a task. There is a franchise available for every 60, 000 people.

However, not all franchises are created equal. For example, in Southern Alberta, where there are ten stakes, there are only three franchises - one of which is not in operation, and the other two are owned by them same person.

The owner of High Level Chem-Dry commented, "I have more Church buildings in my franchise area than any other one franchise across Canada...I don't know [how I am going to do it]." Currently they only employ two carpet cleaners, and two vans. He feels however, that he could clean about three buildings a day if he could pull together two crews. "I don't know what we would do with our other customers."

Southern Alberta has close to 40 buildings.


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