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For week ended August 01, 1999 Posted 8 Aug 1999

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The perils of ploygamy: Maclean's; Page 32

Summarized by Eileen Bell

The perils of ploygamy: Maclean's; Page 32
without permission. For list info see
The perils of polygamy

This article in Canada's only weekly national newsmagazine looks at modern day polygamy. The author visits Manti, and talks to Jim Harmiston. His wife Jeannine says "Nothing on earth sanctifies the soul like the institution of plural marriage."

The article explains that polygamy is forbidden by the LDS Church, and is against the law... but it is the writer's contention that it has never been practiced as widely as it is now. He cites the recent Kingston trials as examples. He also recaps the story of the "Tapestry of Polygamy" anti-polygamy lobby group.

However, the article also mentions the Women's Religious Liberties Union...a pro-polygamy group. They eschew claims of abuse being more rampant in polygamist families. Founder Mary Potter says "abuse is also rampant in monogamous marriages. Why blame our religion?"

Proponents claim up to a hundred thousand people live in such breakaway groups. A Canadian case is discussed. In 1992, police in British Columbia raised charges against a polygamous community. Court ruled that laws forbidding plural marriage violated Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms's promise of religious freedom.

Some of the supporters of polygamy did talk about negatives in the lifestyle. Elaine Harmiston says, "The jealousy was very hard to take." And "you're taught that jealousy is a sin against God that you should fight. You learn to deny your emotions."

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