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For week ended August 1, 1999 Posted 8 Aug 1999
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Why Leno questions Mormon role in anti-gay-marriage issue

Leno gives a clear statement of his reasons for requesting that the city attorney look at the legality of the LDS Church's letter supporting the Knight initiative, an initiative that would rule out gay marriage under California law). He says that he sought to answer a legal question of whether the LDS Church's actions were enough to make it loose its tax-exempt status under U.S. law.

Could Mormon turnout give Hatch a boost in Iowa?

Does Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, a member of the LDS Church, have an advantage that other presidential candidates don't have? LDS Church records indicate that there are about 16,000 members of the Church in Iowa. If just a small percentage of these members vote for Hatch in the August 14th straw poll, Hatch could end up as one of the leading contenders among the 11 GOP candidates.

Home of Escalante Environmentalists Is Vandalized; LDS Bishop Calls Couple `Lucky'

As the U.S. Bureau of Land Management prepares to release a management plan for the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, local residents that oppose the Monument have vandalized the home of two Escalante environmentalists again. In the wake of the vandalism, local LDS Bishop Wade Barney says that activists Tori Woodard and Patrick Diehl were 'lucky.'

Mennonite college within its rights to fire Mormon

Esther Schroen was hired by the Steinbach Bible College in 1991 as an accounting clerk. Two days later she was fired, when the school found out that Schroen, who was raised Mennonite, was no longer a member of their faith, but had joined the LDS Church.

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