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For week ended August 01, 1999 Posted 8 Aug 1999

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Hair today, gone tomorrow - Sisters donate ponytails to Locks of Love charity

Summarized by Rosemary Pollock

Hair today, gone tomorrow - Sisters donate ponytails to Locks of Love charity
Provo UT Daily Herald 28Jul99 C8
By Candace Perry: Daily Herald

PROVO -- Locks of Love is a Florida-based organization run by women suffering from alopecia. They have a vision to provide free wigs to any young child in need and with the help of two young sisters from Orem, Utah they are able to do just that. Melissa, 11, and Janina Crandell, 8, cut off their 10-inch ponytails on Tuesday in an effort to help.

"I wanted to help other people who didn't have any," Melissa said. Melissa and Janina are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and together with their young women's group decided to help. Contributors joined together after watching a 20/20 television report. "We thought it would be a wonderful way for young women to help young women," said Miken Johnson who supports the local Locks of Love project.

Once the hair is donated, it takes l2-l4 ponytails to complete one wig. The hair is custome-shaped to the recipient's head and dyed to color. The vacuum-fitted piece allows the person to run and swim without worry. "You will never know how it will change a life," added Johnson.

Donated hair must be a least l0 inches long, clean, not chemically damaged, braided or in a ponytail when it is cut, and then placed in a zip-lock bag. "I would like to get some bikers with long hair," Johnson said. "I know they do some real benevolent things."

With a goal of 2000 inches by the year 2000, the local chapter will require l0 inches of hair donated by 200 people. Locks of Love is looking for sponsors to help with the minor costs of shipping the hair and thank-you notes to contributors.

For more information to donate hair or funds, or to view the national web site call, Miken Johnson at 374-0454 or Ryan Stice at 370-0860.

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