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For week ended June 27, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999

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Arson suspect arrested in case of LDS church fires

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Arson suspect arrested in case of LDS church fires
MSNBC (KVBC TV 3 Las Vegas) 23Jun99 C6
By Beth Fisher

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - The US Attorney General's office in Las Vegas has placed 45-year-old James Carbullido under arrest for trying to burn down an LDS chapel last July. Carbullido is also under suspicion for a number of other arson attempts in the Las Vegas area.

Church and local authorities have kept the rash of arson attacks quiet, although this string of attacks attracted the attention of the FBI, ATF, the US Attorney General's office as well as local police and fire departments. Carbullido faces charges of attempted arson and use of a firearm in a violent crime. He will be arraigned and enter a plea next week.

A total of ten LDS chapels in the Las Vegas valley were attacked, but none of the buildings suffered major damage. LDS Church members expressed surprise at the attacks. "It very much surprises me that churches would be targeted. I donít understand a lot of the things that are going on in the world today," said Kathy Maxfield, a member of the Church. Another member, Tanna Howard, added, "If anybody has any morals, they should just have respect for anything that has to do with God. Itís shocking to me."

Most of all, members in Las Vegas were glad that noone was hurt. "There's always people in our churches," says LDS member Julie Russo."It seems like all hours, people can get hurt. Hopefully they will stop."

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