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For week ended June 27, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999

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LDS Temple Announced for Nebraska

By Lon Pearson

LDS Temple Announced for Nebraska
By Lon Pearson

Because the word got out quickly through Nick Literski's Latter-day Saint Temple Homepage here in Nebraska something had to be done quickly in the way of getting the word out officially.

The three stakes in the Omaha area met in firesides Saturday evening to make an official announcement of the temple. (The new Council Bluff's stake, which is without a building had to meet in the Papillion Stake Center at 6:00 pm on Saturday, and the Omaha and Papillion Stakes met at 8:00 pm in their own buildings).

Kearney Stake was informed officially by the Stake High Council in their visits on Sunday, and Lincoln Stake was informed by the attached press release, which was released late on Saturday and will be in the LDS Church News next Saturday.

Kearney Stake is split in distance to the new temple, with Ogallala closer to the Denver Temple. Kearney, Grand Island and Hastings are less than 200 miles to the Omaha Temple. North Platte at about 280 miles away from both cities is precisely half-way between Omaha and Denver.

Nonetheless, it is with great joy that the announcement has been received. Gasps were heard when the announcement was made in the Kearney Ward during Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Several of us knew of the plans but could not say anything. The Saints in Iowa were sure that the temple would be in Council Bluffs. The Saints in many areas felt that Lincoln was more central. The Prophet felt inspired through revelation that the place for the temple was as near as possible to the resting places of our pioneer ancestors who sacrificed their lives in the movement westward 150 years ago.

--Lon Pearson

L.D.S. Temple Announced for Nebraska LDS Church - Lincoln Nebraska Press Release 21Jun99

Omaha Nebraska will be the site for a new temple, local leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced.

"Confirmation of plans to build the temple came from the First Presidency, the Church's top governing body," said Arthur Taylor, president of the Omaha Nebraska Stake.

The Church is finalizing plans to build the temple at Winter Quarters in Florence. Nebraska is rich with Mormon history. Winter Quarters was settled in the 1840's by Mormon pioneers. After the settlement ceased, Florence became a staging area for the Mormon Trail.

"This is wonderful news for all members in Nebraska," says Greg Burton, president of the Lincoln Nebraska Stake. For years, members in this area have traveled hundreds of miles to St. Louis, Denver and Chicago to attend the temple. We are grateful to have one so close."

Don Adams of North Platte, who is the President of the Kearney Nebraska Stake which includes an area from Grand Island to Ogallala, said: "It's a blessing for the Kearney Stake to have a temple built in Omaha, because now there will be a temple much closer to Grand Island, Kearney, and most of the members of our stake."

The new temple will be the latest in a series of "smaller" temples announced by the Church. These smaller temples are intended to accommodate the needs of the growing Church membership. This will bring the total number of temples either currently operating, under construction, or announced by the Church to 113.

Latter-day Saint temples are used by faithful members of the Church for marriages, baptisms, and other sacred ordinances focusing on the eternal potential of family relationships. They should not be confused with the thousands of meetinghouses that serve local congregations. Rather, they serve wider geographic areas.

"Temples are constructed of the finest materials and craftsmanship available and are surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds. Local church members will give volunteer service to help administer temple ordinances and to maintain the building and grounds," said President Taylor.

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