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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999

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Mormon church leader, Jack Hall, dies at age 63

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Mormon church leader, Jack Hall, dies at age 63
Tallahassee FL Democrat 19Jun99 L5
By Gerald Ensley: Democrat Staff Writer

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Former Tallahassee Stake President Jack Hall, 63, died Thursday, June 17th following a four-year battle with cancer. Hall, known also for his devotion to softball, was a respected well respected member of the community and owner of Jack Hall &Associates Insurance agency.

Born in Texas and raised in Souther California, Hall came to Tallahassee in 1964 while working for Metropolitan Life Insurance as an Agent. Seven years later he opened his own agency, which is now run by his daughter, Lori Anderson. He had attended the University of Southern California on a baseball scholarship, but hurt his pitching arm after one season. He then joined the Air Force and served for four years. He continued to play semipro baseball, but switched to softball when he came to Tallahassee.

While stationed at an Air Force base in Sumter, South Carolina he joined an LDS Church sponsored baseball team. One of the team requirements was that new players must attend at least two LDS Church services. He did and soon joined the Church.

Baseball continued to be part of his Church life. Just a month ago he went to watch an local LDS tournament, according to his wife, Linda. "He snuck out of the house telling me he was just going to watch. Then lo and behold, he came dragging back in, saying `They let me pitch the whole game." Current Stake President Curtis Austin said he wasn't happy that his team lost. "He said he could tell he was getting too old and sick because `Nobody hits me like that,"' Austin said.

But Austin said that Hall was also known for his goodness and his service. "Jack Hall would do anything good and honorable he could do for another human being. I couldn't tell you how many hours he spent counseling others, helping them put their lives in order."

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