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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999

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Christensen mulls life down under

Summarized by Nicholas Maddox

Christensen mulls life down under
Fresno CA Bee 16Jun99 L3
By Jeff Davis: The Fresno Bee

McKay Christian spent two years on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Japan foregoing professional baseball for the time to serve the Lord. He returned to gain a center field position with the Chicago White Sox early this season.

Last week, however, he was moved to the minor leagues. After a great start with Chicago he became plagued by injuring and was out of shape. As his play dropped his bench time increased as he platooned for centerfield with two veteran players. The General Management for Chicago felt that it was best that McKay get more playing time so he was sent down to the Birmingham Barons of Double-A baseball.

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