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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 19 Jun 1999

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Deseret Book to introduce Anne Perry Novel

Summarized by 'Kent S. Larsen II'

Deseret Book to introduce Anne Perry Novel
By Kent Larsen

Deseret Book's Shadow Mountain imprint will stretch its list this coming fall when it introduces its first book by best-selling author Anne Perry.

The book, "Tathea," also represents new ground for Perry, who is best known for mystery novels, since it is a fantasy novel. But the novel, which was published a year ago in the United Kingdom, has garnered praise there, including a five-star rating from the British Science fiction magazine, SFW, which called the novel an "innovative, well-written, intriguing novel, far removed and far above the norm."

Getting a book from Perry, who is a member of the LDS Church, is a major step for Deseret Book, which is know for its LDS titles and is not well known in national markets. Books from nationally known authors can help a publisher overcome a lack of name recognition and get the publisher's other titles into bookstores that would otherwise ignore them. Last year, Deseret Book's shadow mountain imprint tried this strategy with an Orson Scott Card title, "Stone Tablets," which also represented a departure from the author's normal genre. Card, who is also LDS, is nationally known for writing science fiction.

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