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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999

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Mormons and The Environment

Summarized by Kent Larsen

Mormons and The Environment
NPR Living on Earth 18Jun99 C9

The Mormon religion teaches a deep respect for the land, and LDS leaders have often pressed the theme of stewardship for the earth and its resources. The NPR program "Living on Earth" discusses these themese in an interview with Mormon Terry Tempest Williams, author of the recent anthology, "New Genesis: A Mormon Reader on Land and Community."

In the interview, Williams points to Adam-ondi-ahman as a teaching that demonstrates Mormon beliefs on the environment, including the belief that Eden really existed and was located at Adam-ondi-ahman in Davis Co., Missiouri.

Williams says that Mormonism is broader than it is portrayed and that Mormons sometimes find that others assume that our positions on the environment are based on the conservative stereotype. The reality, according to Williams, is more complex.

When the LDS people arrived in Utah, they adopted a spiritual connection to the land, according to Williams. However, this connection has dissipated over time as members of the Church have followed the rest of the US and forgotten their connection. However, Williams sees hope as the nation starts to renew its connections to the land.

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