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For week ended June 20, 1999 Posted 26 Jun 1999
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News about Church & Mormon Education

Devotional with Elder Abrea cut short due to fire alarm

During the weekly devotional address in BYU's de Jong Concert Hall, a fire alarm interrupted Elder Angel Abrea of the First Quorum of the Seventy, cutting short the devotional and leading to the evacuation of the building.

College (SVC) to drop equestrian program

Southern Virginia College's famous equestrian program has been cancelled. The program, sometimes referred to as the "horses on the hill," has been at the school for more than 100 years, winning the school eight national championships and 13 regional titles and serving as the school's calling card to the world.

Elder Abrea's Tuesday Devotional address

Because Elder Abrea's BYU devotional talk was interrupted by a fire alarm Tuesday, the Daily Universe has included a transcript of his address.

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